Insane Chinese Smorking


A Chink who smokes, rides bike on sidewalk and reads a paper. Body in wanking position, preparing to suck a fag. Photo: Uncle Jeebers

OK so if you don’t know Chinglish, then know that “smoking” in Chinglish is “smorking,” because they think if you randomly add r’s into English, it makes it more stangda.*

And boy do they smork. Fumes flow from their dragon-monkey mouths every waking activity: during baby holding,  bicycling, ditch digging, fruit vending, bus riding, taxi driving, taking pictures, having MIPS – you name it, and Chinese will do it with a fag in their lips.

Chinese smoke is also several times nastier than other smokes. The reports [2] that Chinese cigarettes have around three times the lead, chromium and arsenic of other brands are raising a few eyebrows. It also explains why these squinty-eyed reptilians are so completely off their rockers, pointing and laughing at everything they deem unusual, talking about it in the most insulting and loud way possible. They are rude beyond reason – people who would get beaten up by Blacks on the street and/or thrown in the looneybin in the USA. (And Blacks DO beat up Chinese, which is why Chinese are so much more polite in Black-heavy areas of China like Guangzhou).

Chinese learn to smoke early

Chinese learn to smoke early

And with every bad habit comes a dumb excuse. The Chinese excuse for taking WHO funds is that they promise to reduce smorking. They have a whole list of impressive laws with nada enforcement to prove it. The latest big lie (Mousy-Dung style) came out this May 1st – the new “All Smoking is Banned in All Public Places Law 34.01.1 Beta,” sure to impress Westerners and other fools who think laws mean something in the Jewnited States of Chinka.

However, after the Games of the 29th Olimpsticks and their “tough no-smoking law” several foreign journalists have shown up the wiser. It was also made clear for all to see that the central g0v’t lies constantly – like with the computer graphic fireworks, lipsynced anthems, and underage athletes with fake passports – provided straight from the g0v’t itself. It would all seem completely hopeless, if more non-smokers are making a point to avoid second-hand smoke, and there were over a million smorkers dying every year. Praise God and His law – the insanity must eventually come to an end!

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*Chingalisha for “standard”

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