The Top Five Issues Facing Mankind

1. Abortion
According to traditional morality, the weaker the victim, the younger the victim, the more human the victim, the greater the severity of the crime.

Modern man has fooled himself into thinking that because he cannot see the abortion it doesn’t hurt himself, his mate, or the baby. To the contrary, the spirit world actually reigns lord over the dead material world. This is why Christ said it is worst to have the sin in your heart than to actually do it. And this is why John said that God can make kin out of stones.

According to Buddhism, the soul that enters the first cell is like a person who has bought a home and is moving in. Abortion is a surprise to that soul because he has just acquired it. He has a hard time believing that the body given to him is actually destroyed already. Also according to Buddhism, abortion therefore creates millions of bodiless demons (angry souls looking for retribution) that haunt society.

Currently, China is under the impression that it is developing rapidly and is making great progress. Yet the Chinese are having around 20 million abortions per year. Abortion is so commonplace here that just two days ago Captain Corndog (not to be confused with Coondog) and I saw an abortion ad on a fan, and a young, 20-year-old or so woman was fanning herself with it on the subway. The ad touted three-minute, painless abortions. Of course this is impossible. But wouldn’t you be embarrassed to use such a fan? To Chinese, abortion is just part of “life.”
2. Circumcision

With each progressing minute that you research it, you keep finding out how much more harmful it is. Just like with abortion, the simplest way to understand this harm is to watch a video of it.

Circumcision effects society in a very deep way because it is men that run society. One syndrome is that the victim will try to accumulate as much material wealth and power as possible. Subconsciously he does this to protect himself from being further victimized. Also being cut requires more aggressive action in bed. It also means that the man will never feel like he’s actually done the act. He’ll always deny any effect of MGM on himself because he can’t know what he’s missing as he’s never had it. If MGM is coupled with an otherwise yet unhappier family life (like being orphaned), sometimes the man will become a serial killer. Yes, only countries with routine circumcision have a serial killer problem.

There are other less severe practices that nevertheless have similar effects on society which could fall under this category, such as modern, traumatic birthing. These practices put babies into incredible physical and/or emotional pain, but a myth persists (especially in hospitals) that babies do not feel pain. I can hardly think of a more evil and ignorant idea than that, but that’s just the kind of idea that’s behind circumcision.

3. Masturbation

Masturbation greatly effects society as the men who do it have lower intellectual abilities, more violent and abusive tendencies toward women and more severe mood swings than women. It is similar to abortion in that male creative fluid is teeming with life and wantonly killed and wasted. Masturbating men also develop very female, passive qualities and lack even a modicum of courage to face issues.

I put masturbation after circumcision because much of the masturbation and sex obsession in America derives from having been circumcised.

But after a man is developed and may for whatever reason have sex addiction, this is a serious problem and its effects are much more than personal.

4. Drugs

There are throngs addicted to prescription drugs and others who are abusing medicinal herbs. In just my life I have seen a majority of men fail to acquire property on which to live simply because they drink beer. 80 to 100 million negroes were sold out by their chiefs, around 95% of them dying while rotting in their own feces on ships, and others sold into slavery – all for nothing more than some rum. The extent to which man enslaves himself and destroys society for alcohol and drugs can hardly be exaggerated.

5. Meat eating

Humans are viciously abusing animals for no comprehensible reason, and in the process of doing so they are destroying their own grasslands, rainforests, drinking water, air, and even national integrity. Even the immigration issues which afflict the US, Europe and different regions of the world come from the slaughtering of animals.

For example, my sister says it’s OK to eat meat. It never occurs to her or others like her that by hiring people to mass killing on a daily basis, she is in fact causing illegal immigration of many extreme criminals and murderers who are actually willing to hack up hundreds or thousands of cows a day with a chainsaw. My sister and people like her will pretend to be very surprised and upset when one of these criminals comes after herself or her family. This same situation is repeated between the population of western China and the Hui Muslim butchers.

Aside from these five major sins there are many other big ones that we could be working to reduce. If you can think of another one or would like to change the order of this list, please mention it in the comments section. We don’t like talking about these things but are forced to because we see these things and they need to be brought under control.

Awareness is key. If any one of these five major sins could be reduced significantly in your country, we guarantee that you’ll see major improvements in your society and the quality of life you have there.

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2 Responses to The Top Five Issues Facing Mankind

  1. alexin3 says:

    I find all this interesting. I never thought I’d hear a Klansman extolling the virtues of vegetarianism! The only thing I don’t understand is the racism. Sure there’s bad in all races, but why don’t you see the good in other races too? Most other races around the world don’t circumcise. You are among the few American who happen to know that intact men are gentler people. Why don’t you sympathize with those good people and quit racism? Race doesn’t matter. The only important thing, contents of hearts vary in all races. It seems like you’re needlessly hardening your heart with race hate.

    • janoklark says:

      race does matter. i assume you haven’t chosen to live in a black or hispanic neighborhood. don’t be naive. we here are openly critical of all races, of course including our own, and are race realists. criticism is not hate, it is rather love and concern.

      white males do not have equal rights to other races in north america, australia and europe. immigrants don’t pay taxes on restaurants, for example, but we do. our nations have millions of their immigrants, but they don’t have one of ours. like china exports millions of chinese to white nations, but china will not allow ONE single white, black or otherwise non-chinese person to immaigrate to china. so the other point is that whites should have equal rights with other races. male and female rights should be equal as well, and not only women be protected from genital mutilation, war, and dangerous, dirty, and hard work.

      it seems to me like you’re a cool guy but that you’re still brainwashed into hating yourself and abandoning your own heritage. OM

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