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Hymiesexuals are known to have lots of kikey pharisex, rubbing their scars of david in a full array of excremental organs of the various sexes, animals, and children, realizing their ultimate reason for being, spewing kabbalic acid, blowing their brains … Continue reading

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Sintactivist Appeal to Nature

Sintactivist is the name the KBH gives to any member of the wicked flank of the anti-circumcision movement. Sintactivists argue that we should have our foreskins so that we can do more perverted things (like “docking”) and damage our brains … Continue reading

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Reisman omits Jewish role in porn industry and pedophilia movement

Reisman omits Jewish role in porn industry and pedophilia¬†movement Judith Reisman’s role is to exhonerate jews, who in fact control the porn industry and could make it stop today if they wanted – and who run the world’s largest pedophilia … Continue reading

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The Nomadic Origins of Parasitic Peoples

Nomads have historically wrecked lands, then simply moved to new lands. After civilization came around, these groups could no longer move as freely, and they were relegated to mostly desolate deserts which they themselves created with their meat eating and … Continue reading

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Anthony Whiner Done Lived by the Porn and will Dah by the Porn

From his name’s spellin’, I’d guess you’d have to pronounce it more like “winer” (as in wine-o, alkie, drunkard) or “whiner” (as in “hackers done did my twitty account! They done did it!”) than wee-ner (as in dead pig pole … Continue reading

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Possible Pro-Jew Jew Travels the US

Jewish producer of the documentary “Cut: Slicing Through the Myths of Circumcision,”¬†Eliyahu Ungar-Sargon, decides to stop hating his race and start protecting his boys. Ungar-Sargon was born into an orthodox family and lived in Israel for several years and is … Continue reading

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You Can Still Join the Shakers and the Branch Davidians

There’s been much confusion in recent years about the Shakers – if they’ve died out and disappeared or not. Thankfully there is a group called the Friends of the Shakers, which allows you to help the last living Shaker settlement … Continue reading

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Ancestor Worship for Integrity

One Sunday in Mormon church there was a speaker who spoke of the holy calling to research one’s genealogy and learn the stories and history of one’s ancestors. She mentioned that this is a specific duty of all Mormons, and … Continue reading

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Haunted Jewels

On the 2008 meditation retreat in Andhra Pradesh, India, the meditation master Karunamayi warned her followers not to wear gold or diamonds. She recommended cheap wood beads for doing japas and stated that anything which is expensive on the market … Continue reading

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Antiochus IV Epiphanes

Antiochus IV Epiphanes (“God Manifest” and “Bearer of Victory”), was a rare Greek emperor (of the vast Seleucid Empire) who made great steps toward helping the Jews assimilate into society and protecting their children from genital mutilation. Unfortunately, Antiochus IV … Continue reading

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