Corrective Lesbian Rape in South Africa

We’ve been seeing a lot of stories about corrective rape against lesbians (misogynists). Considering what Dr. Rob (a practicing physician in Moscow) has said about intact men, raping a woman with the full male body in place is nearly impossible, and certainly the cause of bleeding and intense pain. So for at least most rape cases, we can be sure that the rapist has a circumstump, i.e., a dry, desensitized pole that he can stick wherever he pleases.

This brings us to another question. Is rape even possible with a circumstump? If this dry, bizarre-looking, scarred-up remnant is not a penis, then technically it cannot be used for rape.

Cut off their penises! Uh, women's rights!

"Cut off their penises! Uh, women's rights!" Feminists would make their case much more credible if they were also intactivists and reducing the causes of hatred toward women

1. The reason why feminism is failing in South Africa is because South African women continue to aid, abet, and even hold big parties and dances when SA men’s genitals are mutilated

2. The reason SA men are targeting misogynists (women who sexually defile other women) is because they have a heavy karmic load and attract punishment. Interestingly, having been mutilated is  a physical precondition to committing rape.

If a women were to be physically more interested in other women at birth or because of environmental pollutants or food additives, she could still elect to be chaste and not go out sexually molesting other women. ALL people can benefit from chastity and the good social reputation it bestows.

Therefore, what South Africa needs to improve conditions is to protect its citizens from genital mutilation and more aggressively fund abstinence programs in highschools and colleges.

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