The Whole Male Prayer

You God are the all-powerful, the all-mighty

and in You we trust everything

to You we owe everything

and You have the power, the Glory, the force

to take down this heinous curse on our lives called circumcision

You have the tools to take apart the circumcisers,

and damn them to eternal hell

to stop the feminists and male bashers

who sign papers to send boys into iron maidens

naked and humiliated, shorn and violated

YOU our Lord, will put Olympic Medical to shame

YOU will throw Gomco into the jaws of karmic law

You, oh glorious bastion of life and justice in this world

May You smite the hands of the surgeons, the white-robed priests of black magick

Shatter the scalpels and ruin their houses of pain

May their profits burn in a great purifying fire

May the common man laugh at their gold coins and stinking paper

which reeks of violence and betrayal

May the chainsaws that decimate forests break

May the daggers of butchers disappear

May the trees grow and the grasses flourish

For you are the Lord God almighty

See our Brotherhood, bless it and strengthen it

And may it be the agent of Your holy will

Amen and OM

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