On Semen Retention

The primary purpose of this paper is to condense and prioritize the various methods by which a man may successfully retain his semen and stop producing the gross physical semen. It is written in response to the dearth of knowledge about this subject in modern times and as an attempt to condense and assimilate the discursive materials which are available but which in their circuitous and confusing prose fail to inculcate to the reader the most salient essentials that help the man obviate the problems that spermatorrhea, nocturnal emissions, masturbation, venery, etc. The benefits of semen retention include increased energy levels, lucid meditation, self-development, physical and mental strength, endurance, independence, wealth, social advancement, and self-respect.

Causes of semen loss

Once a man loses his seed for the first time, there is a downward cycle of semen production and subsequent effusion that is difficult to counteract without the proper aids and mental habits. There are some men who are able to control their physical bodies and preserve semen, but are unable to root out mental lust and cravings. Still others do not cultivate the heart to the extent that their spirit and divinity reach their intended proportions. Therefore celibacy and semen retention are treble in scope: of the physical body; of the mind; and of the heart.

Dissipation takes its form in a number of bad habits: masturbation (self-abuse), sexual intercourse, nocturnal emissions, homosexuality, and other instances of spermatorrhea. These habits’ inception cannot be said to be natural or justifiable. After all, when one is a child he abhors all indications of lecherousness and vulgarity. The actual causes can be described as manifold and, depending on one’s viewpoint, can come from a variety of factors or combinations thereby. For instance, one may argue that ignorance is the cause – or societal abuse – or some other such concoction. For example, one may argue circumcision (genital mutilation) of the male penis causes the generative organ to appear unnaturally erect constantly. This factor coupled with a lack of proper education in the ways of semen retention is but one line of reasoning to diagnose the psychological and physical onset of these diseases for one type of modern man, the circumcised man, but may not apply to other men.

However, the causes themselves, once the problem is resolved, become trivial except in academic inquiry, which, although important, is to the individual victim not as important as solving the problem promptly. Enervation and inanition are the immediate concerns of this injurious problem.

How to Stop Semen Loss – the Physical Component

Now to proceed with the crux of the matter: how to stop semen loss. The following steps are essential for treating the physical component of this decease:

1.) Wear a kaupin (also known as langoti, fundoshi (Japanese), or loin-cloth) such that the testicles are held firmly in place very close to or, preferably, pulled up inside the lower torso. The placement of the testicles in this position is the pith and marrow of the purpose of using this form of underwear. It will stop semen production and end agitation caused by accidental or necessary touching of the male generative organ. It also facilitates the reabsorption of semen already formed and stored in the testicles and seminal vesicles. Of all the means to end spermatorrhea this one is of primary importance. A kaupin can be made from superannuated clothing easily as it mainly consists of a long strip or two of cloth.

2.) Diet control is a secondary method to end spermatorrhea and is binary in mode: it consists, firstly, of discrimination as to what foods to eat and, secondly, the amount of food that is eaten. It consists in its pith a raw vegan (no animal products) diet avoiding all grains (corn, wheat, barley, amaranth, rice, spelt, millet, rye, soy beans, peas, beans, et cetera), garlic, onions, green onions, chives, leeks, tomatoes, cooked or fermented foods. This method slows down the production of physical semen because animal products expedite the production of physical semen to a great degree.

Regulation in the amount of food taken so that lesser and lesser quantities of food are taken at meals and fewer meals are taken per day, week, month, etc, comprises the secondary aspect of diet control. Incremental fasting is a synonym of this method.
It should be noted however that without commitment to point number one – the wearing of the kaupin – diet control is hardly an effective method for stopping semen-letting, but will decrease the amount of physical semen siphoned from precious and subtle body matter.


sex sublimation

3.) Yogic methods, namely inversion postures (asanas), as well as more dynamic and rigorous exercises like those found in Ashtanga Yoga, serve to strengthen the nerves and limit spermatorrhea, especially when applied with points 1 and 2 above, and particularly when practiced regularly. Such notable postures that are useful in this regard are the assisted head stand (sirshasana), the assisted head stand with the legs in the full lotus (urdhva padmasana sirsasana), the shoulder stand, and other variations thereof. The inversion postures literally draw blood and semen from the bottom half of the body and force it to flow to the upper parts of the body utilizing gravity.

How to Stop Semen Loss – the Mental Component

In this text, it is defined for our purposes that mind is motion and motion is mind. The existence of the mind is not analyzed here. It can be said to exist and not exist simultaneously, inclusively or exclusively, immanent or otherwise. For our purposes it is the factor of habit and tendency that causes failures in eschewing bad habits and cultivating good ones. The following guidelines help one to abandon the mental habits that make him repeat the same mistakes repeatedly:

1.) Avoid looking and speaking with the opposite sex and with men who are fallen, that is, men who are not fundamentally in agreement, both in thought and deed, with the concepts of continence and semen retention. Avoid the latter as much as possible, as their callow behavior passes subtly to their company and especially to the impressionable. It is not always immediately obvious who such men are, therefore use discretion. Concerning women, the following “eight breaks” adapted from the Hindu practice of “brahmacharya” (celibacy, studenthood, and spirituality as it is termed in the Vedantic religion), elaborate on this concept and are paraphrased here:

1. Do not look at a woman (especially lecherously)
2. Do not speak to a woman (especially flirtatiously)
3. Do not touch a woman or have her touch you
4. Do not play with women
5. Do not speak to a woman privately
6. Do not talk about a woman with other people
7. Do not become bent on having sexual intercourse
8. Do not engage in sexual intercourse

It takes constant discipline to eschew old habits that do not fall in line with the above-listed breaks.

2.) Engage in work tenaciously. Whether the work is mental or physical, work with relish and keep your mind focused on that work, even until Herculean limits are delineated and crossed. A man’s work can be an outlet for immense production, which is all the more bolstered and accelerated in turn by the practice of semen retention, so that a healthy cyclical correspondence develops between the two.

3.) Read edifying literature regarding spirituality, religion, and semen retention, knowing that the moral leaders of the past held that celibacy is the fundamental dogma of the canon of spiritual life.

4.) Practice sitting still. This is known as sitting meditation, and its forms are many. A simple discipline to sit still for a period of time, usually in the full-lotus (padmasana), perfect pose (siddhasana) or thunderbolt (vajrasana) postures, helps to discipline the mind and check wandering habits.

How to Stop Semen Loss – the Heart Component

The heart component of semen retention is the development of divine love and truth, as well as a plethora of other good virtues that the continent man attracts like magnets in his practice of retaining the primal male essence. From religion to devotion, the heart is an inestimably important factor in the overall goal of semen retention. It’s development is effected by such practice as religion, devotion, love, et cetera, and can be considered an inward component that necessarily pertains and relates to other beings of the community and universe at large.

What Not to Do

Briefly, examples of imprudent and ineffective steps to curtail semen loss include but are not limited to circumcision, periodic masturbation or intercourse, medical concoctions, and vasectomy. Such measures are oftentimes proposed by ignorant medical charlatans and pseudo-professionals for curing of spermatorrhea. These and similar suggestions must be shunned at all costs. Also, do not touch the penis, even while it is flaccid, unnecessarily, as this will aggravate the mind and encourage gross semen production.

A Note on Male Circumcision and Foreskin Restoration

It is reasonable to take for granted that the circumcised state of the male generative organ is not conducive to semen retention. Instead it is conducive to such nefarious habits as masturbation, pornography-viewing, and dallying. The male penis is not meant to appear exposed or erect constantly, and the head of the penis is not meant to touch anything but the foreskin that covers it except in the rare instances of procreation which happen rarely in a man’s life. Circumcision excises the foreskin, which is endowed with many nerves connected to the rest of the body and to the brain, and leaves the head of the penis dry and insensitive, leading to various behavioral problems, physical and mental impediments and of course a greater urge to lose semen. Such is the state of the world today that there are political, religious, and medical charlatans who often voraciously promote this vicious, violent, and unnecessary practice; in more than one avenue, notably the medical, social, and religious, society is surfeited with propaganda promoting this procedure. Prevarications as to the “benefits” of circumcision are ubiquitous. However the pithy two-fold truth is that, first, it is harmful, and second, it can be undone: it can be reversed to a great extent by manual foreskin restoration, which will restore natural feeling that is in turn highly conducive to semen retention.


The means of semen retention given in this paper are highly effective if conducted in right earnest. Occasional failures in the beginning may serve to feed doubt and aggravate the afflicted individual but with time and dedication the disease can be extirpated rather speedily, especially if the basic physical steps listed above are followed. Therefore with the expectation of good health, increased strength, fraternity, and divinity, Godspeed to all men in this endeavor!

– Hd, Knights of Banjo Hollow

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8 Responses to On Semen Retention

  1. Great article. I’m surprised no one has commented on it yet. In my opinion the best way to succeed in subduing the sexual urge is to practice the “I” thought meditation by Ramana Maharshi. With continuous awareness of the “I” thought-feeling the bodily association weakens and the senses will be subdued naturally. Then it’ll be easy to follow brahmacharya.

  2. suneelksr says:

    Thank You for this great article. I am not new to the concept of spirituality and being an Indian I can relate to most of the things you have said however there is one thing I would like to add – Semen retention can also be done by following the Tantra path and is useful for those who are married, if done correctly and with right spirit one can achieve the goals mentioned in the article.
    Word of caution though is that lust and worldly pleasures should be avoided and life of ‘moderation’ should be practiced.
    God Bless!!

    • janoklark says:

      our position on left-hand (evil) tantra, is that it causes its practitioners to be obsessed with MIPS. in addition, the practice of retaining already-made semen that wants to shoot out is extremely damaging to the prostate and the body in general. this practice is akin to holding in one’s vomit. the key to a happy married life is and always will be chastity. making babies is just that – making babies.

  3. michael2393 says:

    Hi, there! Very interesting article. I’m curious about the details of how circumcision can effect mental,physical & emotional health. Could you please elablrate?

    & Why do Governments etc advocate circumcision if its such a harmful practice?

    Please share your knowledge on this. Thanks. πŸ™‚

    • janoklark says:

      gov’ts promote this practice because the juice who control these governments profit from making chaos. they can’t imagine a better world and would rather profit from the courts, prisons and shrinks “needed” to deal with the perverts they’re creating.

  4. This shit is ridiculous. If you want to spend you life as a monk trying to reach some unattainable level of enlightenment, go right ahead. Semen retention should be cyclical. I do 40 day fasts from orgasm. The level of power retained has diminishing returns after a few weeks. If you are seeking sammadhi, that can be attained though meditation alone. And that’s about as high as you’re gonna get in the earthly realm. But hey, to each their own. I’m gonna go enjoy my short mortal existence bang my GF’s brains out right now.

    • janoklark says:

      good you’re daughter’s or sister’s brains will get banged out, or you’ll be reborn as a womb-man. though if you like tits that much you’ll probably turn into a pig – they have 16 of them. happy karma

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