Oversexed America

Recently I’ve been having a small debate in the comments section of my “Best Intactivist monologue of 2008” video, “How to Heal from Circumcision“. A poster has become incensed that we have dared describe America as an oversexed nation.

This brought me to some points:

  • America is the largest producer of porn in the world
  • Americans are known as yankees, which literally means “masturbators”
  • Porn exists solely so that men can masturbate
  • Most documented serial killers come from the US (85%)
  • Serial killers are defined as typically men who kill many women, often mutilating them and defiling them at the same time
  • Torturing babies leaves them with subconscious disorders that can lead to psychopathic behavior
  • Celibacy.info continues to operate almost entirely for American sex addicts, though English is spoken in many other countries in the world

These are just a few of the impressions that have led up to our understanding that the USA is deeply oversexed.

The Jew York Yankees wear their badges of masturbation proudly

When Americans started being called yankees, they thought it was a great name, made a patriotic song out of it, and named the New York baseball team after it. There is always this general theme in America as opposed to Europe of shamelessly masturbating, thinking it’s OK or even healthy. Several prominent figures have come forward in the US claiming to have the habit or even be compulsive about it.

In 2010 there was a movie about a mountain climber who cut off his right arm to free himself. Cousin Shamrock saw this movie, which literally caused him to vomit and then pass out in the bathroom. While the main character is trapped in a life and death situation, he suddenly decides to start masturbating. The movie was produced by Fox, directed by a Brit and distributed in the USA. The main character Aaron Ralston was played by James Franco, who masturbates four or five times a day. Hollywood and Franco being Jewish is significant because circumcision is a common cause of chronic masturbation.

I’ve not been able to find any public refutation of the masturbation scene by Ralston, and what’s disturbing is that in this interview we find out he has a son – a son who is apparently being taught to masturbate as well. Ralston also does not seem to be in any enlightened point of view, even having his masturbation arm amputated. We see that the faces of Ralston and Franco are pale and their characters dull. Franco is also a misopede.

John Mayer is a very famous musician who brags about compulsive masturbation. Being Jewish and born in the circ craze in 1977, it is certain that he is genitally mutilated and suffering PTSD. After picking up his compulsive masturbation habit, he was diagnosed with cardiac dysrhythmia at the age of 17 and is currently a Xanax addict. (Xanax is a fluoride-based psychoactive drug).

To underline the issue of America being oversexed, a very simple, conservative book has come out and there are some shocking details in this video interview:

“There’s no question that we are sex obsessed in our culture.”


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2 Responses to Oversexed America

  1. Look at the song “yankee doodle”. Doodle is slang for penis. The song yankee doodle is based on a british song that the british sang to make fun of americans but then the american revolutionaries claimed verses from the song as their own and used those verses to make their own song.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if the word wanker is actually based on a mispronunciation of the word yanker.

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