Ukraine Resists Faggits

Official flag of The Fagnited States of America

Official flag of The Fagnited States of America

Knights, Ukraine is totally anti-faggit:

The article ends with the most ignorant question imaginable, “Everyone has to ask themselves, what do they have against poojabbers?”. Well in a word, “biology”.

There’s a good bit of misunderstandin about what’s called “homosexuality” (misandry). First of all, is male to male unnatural? Surprisinly (or not surprisinly?) “no”. In fact, it occurs in all primates except the orangutan (which is not highly social). The question arises in a logical, analytical (in other words, testosterone-affected) brain, just what is this all about? A subtler question is why them twinkies don’t want to talk about similar activities in the primates. Why isn’t this brought to the attention of the public to “e-jew-cate” them? Because it sheds an unfavorable light on the whole buggerin phenomenon.

Male dogs (not erect, not sexual) showing dominance

Male dogs (not erect, not sexual) showing dominance

If another man caresses you gently, blows lightly into your ear, and invites you to the bedroom, what is your reaction? “Pow!” – an unambiguous knuckle sandwich. In more precise terms, anger and hostility. Why? because of what queerness really is – submission behavior.

The alpha/dominant silverback “humps” the faggit lower-rankin beta and gamma males, i.e., humiliates them. That’s WHAT queer is. Do you have a much more clear picture of just what’s goin on here? And does it answer a lingerin question you probably had in the back of your mind – just why does the “west” has such an adamant pro-faggit stance? Simple, the neo-west wants submissive males.

In an equation, “queer = SUBMISSIVE”. Faggit is sometimes used interchangeably with “wimpy”, even without sexual connotations. So why would anyone have such an aversion to gay activity among faggits who are not in any way tryin to engage in their submission behaviors with you? Why do you have a natural “hate” reaction (yes! HATE is NATURAL!) to mere queerness itself, even when it poses no threat and may even make you more “dominant” as a straight and narrow? Why this “knee jerk” disgust of a sort?

No Poojabbers

It done be nachral to hate poojabbers. Post this everywheres

Simple: biology. This is the xtian year 2012 (slavic calendar 8014 p.k. – “after the catastrophe”, btw). At what time are our preferences, likes, dislikes, motivations, tastes, and so on? Answer – back in the stone age, if not even further back in time. We are in a “pack”, a “pod”, a hive, a group. in that group there are females. and males. what differentiates them? what is the “purpose”? what is the “meanin of life”? Simple. SURVIVAL. survival is the ONLY meanin. it IS “meanin”. As such, what do the constituent members of the collective “group” contribute to the continuation of the genetic line (DNA is SURVIVAL and MEANIN-OF-LIFE)?

Womb-men contribute progeny because they have a uterus. What do men contribute? Well, masculinity. Men don’t have a uterus. They can only off what’s termed “masculinity”. Effeminates don’t have masculinity, by definition, nor would they have a uterus. They are counter-productive – a burden in biological terms. We nachrally feel revulsion and disgust, it is a “survival instinct”. Fagophobia is nachral, healthy ‘n survival-oriented. Homophilia is pathological, a disease and extinction-oriented.

There’s this faggit argument that faggits have faggit genes. Yeah? So? People have pancreatic cancer genes, alzheimer’s genes, and all sorts of genetic diseases. But they’re diseases. There is some evidence that certain breast cancer genes, for example, lead to higher intellect. Niemann-pick has a strong correlation with intelleck of high measure.

Faggits have the powers of female emotional intuition (“EQ”) AND a certain level of male analytical and spatial perception (IQ). So they is right super-charged manipulators. Indirectly, faggits may contribute to the survival of their near-relatives who are not affected by faggit genes. And they may be carried fortuitously by females, “super-fags”. Yes, women is faggits. If you likes wimminz, you done might be queer. Faggits, with them high EQ’s and relatively high IQ’s, can rapidly infest a power struhcher and warp it to their own advantage…which means society has to be extra-wary of faggits in positions of powah. Which is why, historically, societies done guarded themselves against faggits. It’s a natural sort of social hickory switch. Again, fagophobia is nachral and healthy, but homophilia is counter intuitive and diseased.

In the final analysis, queeritude will undermine the mas-clynn qualities that give a society its resistance to competitors and rahvals. It will see accommodation. Humans is not accommodatin. We ah social predators – inherently violent – and no amount of wishful thinkin and feminine pretense can change the simple facts of biology. The weak die, and that rule extends beyond mere indivijals.

AIDS is a homosexual disease. It is not spread from females to males. It has a sociological counterpart that has yet to be recognized and has not been named. I call it faggitization. The Fagnited States of America is on its last legs. It has the social equivalent of AIDS.

This naturally raises yet another question that has only been implicitly understood about “masculinity”. Just what is it? It, like God, is defined not by what it is, but by what it is not. Masculinity, essentially (or anti-essentially? it has no “essence”?) is what women don’t have. It can mean physical prowess. Those few muscular women who are on par with males usually are infertile, from hah levels of testosterone. They is dykes, somewhat nachrally despahzed, as they don’t contribute to group survahval, although their marginal masculinitay may provahd some meager level of contribution.

Men THINK. Women don’t. They feel. Women is not mysterious nor complex. They is undeveloped children both mentally and emotionally. If ya want to wreck just about any undertakin or enterprise, put a female in charge. I can’t guarantee success, but I can guarantee failure.

Giving women power of any sort is pathological. It’s the prowduck of a diseased so-sigh-a-tay. Anti-intuitive, anti-nature, and self-destructive, doggone it. And in the final analysis, insane. The collective persona of “america” is barking mad.

Nambla with geigh rights rally

Nambla with geigh rights rally

How do the disease germs, the exploiters and parasites of a host nation undermine it’s health? Through that thar desire to “fit in”, to be “part of society”. And, through a controlled media, impress upon the simpler and more disaffected adult brats that cliché is truth, that labels convey power. Callin black white, ‘n white black. Cognitive dissonance as a social norm. Confusion replaces the profound. Or, just turn humans into droolin consumers of sexual prurience and entertainment that appeals to the most base and lowly parts of human nature. And all this has been done for decades.

Final analysis? The Fagnited States presents a clear and present danger to the health and safety of the rest of the earth’s nations. In cuba, HIV infected persons were quarantined to safeguard the health of society as whole and provide them with treatment. America has to be “quarantined” culturally (if faggitude is “culture”?), and treated appropriately. Medical science has been entirely lax, if not overtly negligent, in both accepting disease, and ignoring possible treatment options. Science should turn its attention to detection, screening, and humane treatment of faggits. It is entirely possible to turn faggits into viable, functioning, useful, and contributing members of society, and this has to be done sooner than later.

-Dr. Rob

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