Vagina Fashion Show

vagina fashion show

Female director takes on the vagina fashion show

Often in the intactivist movement we discuss the common “penis fashion show” argument for mutilating men. In this documentary a female director takes on something you may not know has been going on – the vagina fashion show.

Br. Nick often despondently mentions that in England, there seems to be a role reversal between male and female, and the females are now openly lusty, even resorting to roaming streets at night, looking for partners. This environment mimicks pre-circumcision Africa, where goat herders began boofing their goats and slaves, getting constant infections in their genitals (along with the famous worm used in the AMA emblem). It started with the men cutting off parts of their own foreskins, and then doing it forcefully to their sons. Women jumped on board because of the Deliliah complex – they want to cut down male power while they can (when the men are babies, or sleeping), and only in this way can they reduce the threat of male power.

In other words, genital mutilation stems from sexual perversion and the gender war, and in places like England where sexual perversion is more prominent in the females, the process for female circumcision is in motion. In addition to extreme female sexual perversion leading to self-genital mutilation, the addition of millions of mud-slimes has made Mohammed the most popular baby name in England this year. FGM for girls could soon be in the cards for England.

Also an interesting point was brought up by Brother Catfish. “Is this related to porn?” Well as we see in the documentary, indeed it is. Porn is already trafficking millions of girls, and these girls get countless STD’s constantly, and cutting off the labias can throw out diseased tissue and reduce future infections somewhat. As the director looks through porn mags, she discovers that all the pictured prostitutes have the “tight look”.

In conclusion, the foreskin, labia and clitoral hood are all God’s way of protecting our bodies. Without them men and women have nothing but dry, violent, horrifying poles and holes, and the creative force is not enclosed, continence posing a much greater challenge. With the foreskin, a man is whole, enclosed, and ready for chastity.

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