Possible Pro-Jew Jew Travels the US

Jewish producer of the documentary “Cut: Slicing Through the Myths of Circumcision,” Eliyahu Ungar-Sargon, decides to stop hating his race and start protecting his boys. Ungar-Sargon was born into an orthodox family and lived in Israel for several years and is now touring the US with his documentary opposing genital mutilation.

The documentary being produced in 2007 is not new. If you see stats quoted in the reviews that 60% of US boys are being cut, this is no longer true. The current figure (in great thanks to all intactivists and their efforts) is now only 32%, having crossed the line from majority to minority.

My impressions of what I can see of it are that Ungar-Sargon is very effeminate. The fact that he was cut was only a small part of his emasculation process that his parents and twisted Judaism has inflicted on him. That he is by and large missing his male organ is apparent in the way he sits, dresses and talks. However, some Jews have been saved by seeing this video, and this manner of talking plus a certain degree of moral concern has served as a bridge between the saved and those that need saving. Myself or my brothers would be incapable of making such a film that can talk in such a personal way to the current and very lost tribe of Jews.

This is an abridged version of the film:

Other prominent Jews are verbally opposing circumcision include Dr. Mark Reiss and Dean Edell. Howard Stern and Penn and Teller “oppose” it, but their type of opposition is not useful as they have not conquered lust, and have the mistaken impression that by having a foreskin they’d have more MIPS pleasure. Actually, messing around with prostatic spasms as an addiction is what got foreskins infected in the first place, and because those infected were so addicted to the spasm, they opted to have around half their penile skin and their body’s most sensitive nerves all cut off. That’s why the attitude that Stern and other “opponents” to MGM have is not ultimately useful.

Lip service aside, whether or not Ungar-Sargon will have a son and keep him intact remains to be seen. A certain Jewish writer for Time went very public against MGM, then miraculously still had it done to his son later.

Joel Stein: Famous Hypocrite and Misopede

Queer Penguin Joel Stein: Famous Hypocrite and Misopede

[Some background on Stein: He’s a very effeminate, perverted columnist for the LA Times. For example he has a blowjob manual here and here and brags that Jews run the media, saying he intends to keep it that way here. Utterly disgusting!]

Stein says at the end of his article:

So in a few weeks, I’m going to buy some bagels, call a mohel who is also a pediatric surgeon and believes in local anesthetic, and do something that I’m pretty sure is wrong. I have a horrible feeling that all of parenthood is like this.

White people don’t talk like this. They don’t say what I’m doing right now is wrong, I shouldn’t do this. They also don’t call people “sir” when they yell at them. These habits are what I call Jewish irony or just plain being yellow. Jews call this the Kol Nidre vow.

Interesting exceptions include Theodore Herzl (the evil zionist and co-founder of Israel along with Hitler) who actually went public against MGM and actually did not have his son mutilated. There is now a network of rabbis who oppose MGM and do a cutting-free bris ceremony. Another interesting exception is the OT itself, whose pre 550 BC versions leave out the cutting commandment. The Talmud also contradicts the cutting commandment by forbidding all cutting and piercing of the flesh, which clearly indicates that the cutting commandment is false and was inserted later into the Jewish cannon without revising the parts which contradict it. In spite of all this positive news, it is doubtful that even two percent of Jews will see the light and that this recent mutilation habit will change, as more than 99% of Jewish boys will be sexually tortured at the hands of other Jews. This will further divide Americans and Jews (as a minority of non-jewish boys will be intact) and make further obvious the differences between Jewry and normal society.

Though it is impossible to help even a slightly significant fraction of Jewish newborns, it is good to try to help those that we can – and good to encourage Jews who pay lip service to and especially those who practice pro-Jewishness.

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