Devolution Part Two

Devolution theory states that external material conditions have been degrading since the Garden of Eden or since the beginning of the Kali-yuga more than five thousand years ago.

Devolution is also featured in pop culture, as in Mike Judge’s “Idiocracy.” The movie’s premise is that mankind will become intensely stupid from the process of lower classes reproducing in large numbers, while upper classes refuse to reproduce. This trend is easily observable and gives the movie the credibility of real life. In the movie, the USA gets a Black porn stain as president, among other amusing and terrifying predictions. It was released in 2006, two years before the credibly queer, drug-abusing and Black president Barry Soetoro was elected.

Idiocracy states that mankind had put research money into prolonging erections (lust) and preventing hair loss (vanity), had become anti-intellectual, prostitution had become rampant (lust), and TV had potty joke programs and a channel called “The Masturbation Network.” Judge points to masturbation, lust and anti-thinking as causes of social degradation, and even Hollyweird allowed this movie to be produced. [It is said that Paramount skimped on funding for the movie, and they failed to advertise it. Only later did it become popular as a grass-roots, underground cult movie.]

Below are some graphical representations of devolution:

Malvira Malevoluo

The devolution of female morality in the last 50 years

Patra Malevoluo

The devolution of fathers in the last 50 years

Devolution of Music

The devolution of music over the last century

Soetoro the pornstain

Barry Soetoro, pornstain and USA ZOGbot

Presidential Devolution

Presidential devolution from Hayes to Camacho

Note that devolution refers to social and material conditions, and are not in any way fundamental or intrinsic conditions. The Book of Changes clearly distinguishes between intrinsic (內在的,先天的) and extrinsic (外在的,後天的) clocks. According to ancient Chinese religion, there is no “best time,” but only different times, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. With the passing of Kali Yuga’s nadir, each spiritual aspirant will have to work harder at austerities and penances in order to compete in the new, spiritually-reawakening society. Intrinsically, society is working on a totally different clock from that which is apparent.

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  2. LOL @ presidential devolution

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