Haunted Jewels

On the 2008 meditation retreat in Andhra Pradesh, India, the meditation master Karunamayi warned her followers not to wear gold or diamonds. She recommended cheap wood beads for doing japas and stated that anything which is expensive on the market has bad karma in it and shouldn’t be worn on the skin.

Why? She answered that expensive items are tainted with evil deeds but did not go into detail.

Our ancestors did not find gold or diamonds valuable. In America, diamond rings for weddings only began to appear in the sleazy 1970’s, having been aggressively marketed to Whites through television, Hollywood and British royalty since the 1950’s. Japanese did not start using diamond wedding rings until the 1980’s or 90’s, and now the Chinese are only starting to use them. There is nothing traditional about them.

Diamond EmpireDiamonds and gold are haunted. If you could buy a home where several people were murdered, would you buy it? Of course not. But not only do homes pick up deadly vibrations, but all material objects can become infused with them. Because diamonds are physically worthless, the diamond market is run by a single cartel which threatens anyone selling them with kidnapping, torture or death. This fact has been sensationalized in the Hollywood movie, Blood Diamonds. It was also detailed in the PBS documentary The Diamond Empire. In a free market, it is impossible that one company control an entire commodity.

amazing carbon crystal

Carbon crystal infused with murder vibrations, hand-cut and personally smuggled by orthodox Jews

Diamonds are not just controlled for money, but to control the outcome of war. Industrial diamonds are needed to manufacture weapons. If country X cannot get industrial diamonds, country X will not be able to produce the weapons needed to fight in a full-scale war. Such was the case in WW2, when the Jewish Oppenheimers refused to give industrial diamonds to the allies, and instead supported Adolf Hitler (this fact is detailed in The Diamond Empire, and further illustrates how WW2 was designed to create the state of Israel, and that Jews were not massacred, but rather relocated to the US and Israel). In the Asian sphere, there were several armies fighting for control of China, yet they were all funded and created by the same bankers. These same bankers only needed to decide who got money and industrial diamonds to decide who would win the war. They only needed to suddenly stop funding Jiang Jieshi through Song Qingling and refuse industrial diamonds, and the war’s outcome was decided in favor of the communists.

A frequent visitor to the KBH, Cousin Shamrock, has a friend in Australia who works at a coal mine, and every day when he goes to leave work, he is searched for diamonds. This same process is repeated for every coal worker in the world. The cartel threatens coal companies with violence, and the coal companies have to make sure that no diamonds escape onto the market by way of private hands.

The sheer amount of coercion necessary to prop up this silly diamond business is astounding. Four to five people could be killed just to sell one diamond of substantial size.

Barrick gold CEO and mass murderer, Peter Munk

Barrick gold CEO and mass murderer, Peter Munk

The story of the gold market is not much different. Currently the controlling cartel in gold is that of Peter Munk [1] [2]. Munk protects his murderous activities behind claims of being a hoaxoco$t survivor [1]. Most of the world’s gold comes from China, but Chinese do not own the companies that produce it. It’s production is very destructive to the environment. For example, drinking water in Colorado is still tainted by the gold rush, which occurred back in the 19th century. Also, all gold must be extracted with cyanide. Recently a courageous man confronted Peter Munk and his company Barrick for ruining his homeland, and this video can be seen on Youtube. “You cannot eat gold! You cannot drink gold!” he shouted. And it’s ironic that by going and getting gold, many people are then unable to eat or drink.

The world’s number one consumer of gold is India, which uses gold for marriage dowries. Also many corrupt economists recommend investment in gold and/or going back to the gold standard. This also causes undue pressure to wreck the environment and kill people in fighting for rights to sell gold. The gold standard for money only benefits those who possess and produce gold. Though it is often claimed that gold cannot be easily mined and can therefore curb inflation, gold is now being mined like crazy, and the root of inflation is the over production of currency. We could make the US currency blue ball-point pens, then simply limit the production of pens to the degree that we, society, agree upon. Over the ages, people have made wood crosses, shells (貝) and all kinds of things their currency. Whatever currency we decide on is our business. It does not have to be gold, diamonds, or oil any more than it can be special paper, cloth or blueberries.

RollAIDS®, or Larry Flynt in a gold wheelchair

RollAIDS®, or Larry Flynt in a gold wheelchair

The most perfect system, however, is a barter system in a society where gold, diamonds and other jew-elry (珠寶, जेवेल) are not valued at all. All the trouble starts when some nomadic group from some desert region comes into town with their drugs, prostitutes and baubles. Taxation from militants is much easier when there’s money to count and distribute. The IRS made famous incursions into Eskimo society when it started to try taxing their barter system.

Jewels are haunted with death vibrations, and they attract more bad luck, disease and death. Therefore, the best way to protect our group is to outlaw jewelry, keep a clean, simple look, and barter whenever possible.

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2 Responses to Haunted Jewels

  1. It’s amazing how many people die in this diamond industry. All sorts of unnecessary drama for what? A shiny rock? Insanity.

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