Slutwalkers in Delusion

By now everyone has heard about the slutwalks in Canada. Unfortunately the Toronto police officer Michael Sanguinetti does not have the honor to stand of for his statement, so we will.

rape bait

Some rape bait on the street at the silly, dangerous and stupid "slutwalk"

Butt cleavage, or "the chest butt"

Butt cleavage, or "the chest butt"

We believe that both women and men share the responsibility for lust. However, as men have been lectured enough, it’s more important to discuss the female angle nowadays. It’s important to guide women on how to make men focus on higher qualities they might have, instead of putting their flesh out in broad daylight as a cock tease and cheap attempt at material advantage (while assuming it won’t result in rape).

The male eyes are sensitive and the way males get turned hot are through female visual tricks. One common trick is to push up the breasts and squeeze them together with a cupped belt, then wear clothes which hide the belt (or bra) which gives the visual impression of naked buttocks. Lip stick is put on to make the lips look hotter, wetter, and anything else vaginal. Makeup is used to mimic effects of ovulation. These tricks do not only work on desirable men, but they also work on anyone who may be around to see them.

vestal virgins

The Vestal Virgins

We suggest that these abjectly-deluded women have some form of genuine rebellion against MIPS-obsessed, Kali-yuga society. They can try dressing modestly and have chastitywalks, celibacystrolls, or virtueparades. When they have sons they can choose not to strip them down, belt them to boards and have them raped with razors (“circumcision”) – an act which has profound effects in perverting men and filling their subconscious minds with lustful vengeance….an act which yes, greatly facilitates rape in every aspect and begs to be avenged.

The policeman was trying to help the women by telling them to protect themselves. Instead, they run out in the streets, shaming their grandparents and ancestors with acts that insult themselves. These unfortunate women rely on the very strong, traditional values that have been instilled into most European men over the ages to stay safe on such slutwalks. It would only take a few gangs of people who do not have these mores to descend upon these trollops  for them to finally discover why, for millenia, our ancestral women would have never dared try such foolishness.

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One Response to Slutwalkers in Delusion

  1. fundator says:

    This is a funny clip of Dave Chappelle making an astute comparison regarding provocative clothing- the “whore’s uniform”:

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