A Manly Yin/Yang Ratio

Typically Yin is thought of as being female, and Yang as male. While this is true, it is not literally true and always true. The correct ratio of Yin to Yang is 40% to 60%. The Yang will then give you “spin,” referring to the clock which the Book of Changes describes.

Overly Yang males will be thin, baseless, courageous, but in reality not very strong. overly Yang males may include personalities like Nicola Tesla, or Swami Sivananda in his early days. Overly Yin males will be like

  1. Mike Tyson
  2. A fat man with manboobs

When you’re overly Yang, you’re lacking Yin in the form of earth material, gross material, dead material. A man without sufficient base is not considered manly, though that base itself is dead, gross and female. Easy ways to increase Yin is to eat salty foods and more salt in general.

It has been noted that there is a facet of the general conspiracy in Western nations to weaken the populace for easy governance which involves salt reduction. In Chinese nutrition, medicine and philosophy, you cannot get by without salt. Most people will need to add considerable amounts of salt to their diet. People lacking in salt and lacking in Yin in general are easy to “push over” because they are not grounded and are lacking in basic grounded qualities like having salt in their diet.

As was mentioned by Brother Catfish some time back, elephants are now salt miners. They consume on average something like 20 to 40 pounds of salt per day. They have to travel to caves and mine the salt out with their tusks. The documentary featured on this issue called Salt Mining Elephants mysteriously mentions that the environment Elephants live in is now lacking in normal salt and mineral content, which also flows with our general theory of devolution. Neither humans nor elephants should have to add salt to their diet, but we do now in the nadir of the Kali-yuga, when the environment has been destroyed to a maximum, and our great Garden of Eden is in its worst shape.

Other good sources of Yin include goji berries and sleeping on the floor – preferably at ground level. Camping and sleeping directly on the ground is good, too. Also going to temples and doing prostrations on their Yin stones – stone specifically selected in India and China for Yin qualities – can boost your earth and Yin properties. If other sources are discovered they will be added to this post.

Let it suffice to say that manliness is not reducible to a material (Yin) item like testosterone or some gene or the other. Manliness is having the right combination of Yin and Yang, and the prudent conservation of the male creative fluid.

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7 Responses to A Manly Yin/Yang Ratio

  1. As for the last part, that semen conservations adds to yin; when you are incontinent you root chakra (yin charkra) is leaking.

  2. When you recommend people sleeping on the floor do you suggest people sleep on some sort of mat or something and if so what precisely would you recommend?

  3. Also, I want to say I consider this to be a very important topic.

    I love the idea that yin is dead-weight. I guess for the masculine man, his metaphysical dead-weight is on moral/religious issues, i.e. his convictions. He sticks to them steadfast. Women are inflexible, but usually on stupid things and not on ultimate issues.

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