The Allegory of the Tower of Babel

Mile-high Babel tower being built in Saudi-Arabian sand

Mile-high Babel tower being built in Saudi-Arabian sand

In the Bible is the story of the tower of Babel, which is interesting and true on many levels.

The tower represents:

  1. globalization of language
  2. globalization of economy
  3. globalization of media
  4. a materialist stairway to heaven

So right now there are only 6,000 languages in the world, with one language dying every two weeks. The latest global language fad (which is unfeasible, and after 30 years of aggressive promotion is a resounding failure) is International English. There is strong pressure among the people of every nation to find their roots, the language which fits their tongue and culture best. There is also strong pressure developing from the failure of IE from both non-natives and natives. Non-natives want something that fits them, whereas natives are tired of hearing their language butchered.

The globalization of the economy is failing because of transportation costs, translation costs, and in general, life being overall boring for the people, who have to drudge away at some monotonous task scheduled out for them by the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

The globalization of media has made it so that only five or six media companies control almost 100% of the media. These companies agree on what should be reported (like recently, that OBL dead, and dumping the proof in the ocean is Waziri tradition), while then having silly debates about news, assuming the news is true. Pressure is now heavy on this international media from internet-based pluralities, which taken as a whole, outweigh the mainstream reports.

The materialist aspect is thinking that humans can physically or materially make it to heaven, which has always been and always will be a purely spiritual place. They make their moon missions and space walks, which turn out to be fake anyway. They make skyscrapers which are huge energy hogs and not sustainable architecturally or ecologically. They turn whole nations into deserts to get more gold in their pockets. Is empty space, brushed steel skyscrapers, fake moon landings and the like nourishing our souls? Are they beautiful to us really? Eventually mankind has to realize that building a stairway to heaven is pure folly, and we’re getting further away from real heaven.

This is the essence of the tower: the middle grows up, but the fringes crumble off as it gets higher (older), and none of these fringes constitute a coherent whole against the middle, so they fall off like little bricks. These bricks are regenerated languages, religions, nations, farming communities….

The tower is already crumbling.

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