Hinduism Is At The Forefront Of Promoting Vegetarianism

The religion that is doing the most to promote the vegetarian lifestyle is the hindu religion, this indicates that the most moral religious force in the world is the hindu religion.

In Hinduism cows are held as sacred, this is where the phrase “holy cow” is derived from.

Vegetarian and vegan(vegan means vegetarian and also no milk) links:






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2 Responses to Hinduism Is At The Forefront Of Promoting Vegetarianism

  1. janoklark says:

    The eating of meat is the theft of live, the consumption of flesh (not different from MIPS), the destruction of the environment, infliction of pain and fear, hiring of criminal elements (for the majority that don’t kill their own)….Since East Asians don’t have as much MIPS drive as Westerners, their passions are more often locked up with meat. There are far fewer vegetarians by percentage in China than in India, America or England. I would doubt even one percent of the population here is vegetarian. And for religion in this part of the world, the first and most crucial sin to tackle is eating meat.

    Perhaps for Hindus, however, the root of worldly passions is sexual. Many of them have already mastered vegetarianism.

  2. Buddhist’s are doing a lot too. My two cents. 😀

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