Is Natural Birth Dangerous?

Natural birth is treating pregnancy as a healthy thing, and women who are confident in their health and the health of their baby see no reason why there would be problems – they’re more than glad to have their babies at home.

fast elevator birth

“We really didn’t think she was going to come that quick,” the man says

Natural birth often occurs by accident, and this author has never heard of an accidental birth that has not gone well. There was my friend Leo, whose wife had her baby in twenty minutes in an elevator, there’s my colleague Michelle who had a baby at home because she thought she had to poop, and there are too many other examples to mention. [1] [2] [3] All of these come out easily, too.

As with any problem, there is the cause, conditions and result. In Chinese Buddhism this is called 因緣果 yīn yuán guǒ. Just as there are bug chasers and “death wishers” in the misandrist community trying or subconsciously trying to get AIDS, there are women who want painful and punishing births. Actually, most women want a painful and punishing birth.

Paramedics missed this one

This baby was born "before the paramedics could come."

Creepy doctor scanning baby with radiation and/or creeping out pregant woman

Creepy doctor scanning baby with radiation and/or creeping out pregnant woman. Doctor resembles iguana

First they cannot relax that everything will be fine, that animals in nature have their own offspring and without special help. They can’t relax about the process emotionally. Then they go to a place of death, dying, pain and suffering (the hospital) to go cure their pregnancy disease. When strangers are watching her trying to unload her baby, her muscles cannot relax. Very few people could poop in the presence of anyone less familiar than their own mothers, much less have a baby in front of some new doctor.

Crazy deer births alone

Crazy deer births alone, without radiating the baby first, no drugs or strange deer to watch her - and by some unbelievable stroke of luck, has a healthy baby

The women go there to be abused, and the doctors are very willing to help. They force the woman into a single position. They drug up the woman (and this is where the abuse of the baby begins). They slice the labia to make a bigger opening for the baby to come out. If the head starts coming out but doesn’t come out fully, they’ll use pullers, which also abuse the baby. Then if the baby doesn’t come out, they’ll cut open the woman’s abdomen and literally rip it out. They put the baby on a bottle (not breast fed), then put them in an incubator or some separate room with a number. If it’s a boy, he may be humiliated, strapped down and sexually tortured in a bloody, screaming atrocity known simply as circumcision.

Circumcision is not the only issue that effects people greatly for the rest of their life, and causes all kinds of downstream problems for educators, parents and doctors. The whole process of the hospital birth is highly traumatic, and even without circumcision, such a process will have life-long, complex, negative effects.

Sacagawea: Natural birther

Sacagawea had her baby alone on the Lewis and Clark expedition, and kept up just fine

To see how easy natural birth is, search natural birth on youtube. There are countless videos of easy, natural home births. Technically, home birth is not what we’re talking about, as many of the home birth videos have doctors or weird people in them staring at the woman’s crotch. These videos are typically not the happy births you see which are labeled natural births. The videos are thoroughly disgusting, but they are not pornographic or otherwise ill-intended against men. They may be useful for understanding and getting a perspective on an issue that has been confused for at least two previous generations.

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2 Responses to Is Natural Birth Dangerous?

  1. Good point, animals have birth fine without doctors. That proves that going to a doctor to for birth is just pointless.

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