White Nationalist Group BANA Stands Against Antisemitism

Bay Area National Anarchists(BANA) is a white nationalist group that believes in creating autonomous village communities where people have the right to determine the ethnic composition of those village communities.

Hence some villages could be white and others of another race and still others could be mixed race. A quote from a blog post on their blog:

Jews are no more a monolithic entity any more than ‘White People’ are. Hence the anti-Semites are not presenting ‘facts,’ merely rehashing conspiracy theories which have been floating around the radical right and nationalist scenes for the past century or so. They offer nothing concrete nor anything which can be verified or historically substantiated merely flaky theories, conjecture, smears, guilt by association tactics, etc. Anyone who holds a differing opinion is ‘using Jewish tactics’ or is simply Jewish himself… The anti-Semite does not want a discussion or debate on the topic, just a platform to obsess over his favorite tribe and all their supposed misdeeds throughout history. There is no dialogue, the anti-Semitic screed is like a broken-record and is essentially one-dimensional. Engaging him is really a waste of time. Over the years I know of a few guys like him in the nationalist scene and they are all the same ‘type.’


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3 Responses to White Nationalist Group BANA Stands Against Antisemitism

  1. janoklark says:

    They are wrong that white-skinned, often blue-eyed Jews are semites. They are also wrong that those who recognize organized Jewish crime are paranoid. Even ziopedia has an article on Jewish organized crime and named several names. Nearly all members of the “Russian mafia” are Jewish, like Berel Lazar and Lev Leviev. They control most of the world’s diamonds, a huge amount of oil and have a substantial portion of the illegal drug market. This is just an example, and this is conspiracy fact.

    Another conspiracy fact: the CEO of United and the CEO of American were Jews on 911. Public property was turned into private property by an Israeli/American George Pataki (then head of the privatization bureau) and sold to another Israeli-American, Larry Silverstein, who leased out the property mostly to a single client – a Jewish-Australian Frank Lowy. The most protected building in the world, the Pentagon, was hit by some airborne object while an Israeli citizen and rabbi, Dov Zakheim, controlled the purse strings of the Pentagon. All seven world trade center buildings went down on 9/11 and beneficiaries of said attack were all Jews. Odigo admits prior knowledge and that the cellphone warning messages to Jews prior to the attack were indeed sent by them. There were several Jews with a tripod set up, filming the building going down, then danced with joy when it happened. This is conspiracy fact.

    It is pro-Jewish to arrest, detain, punish, kill or otherwise deal with Israeli/Jewish criminals. Jews do not benefit by having criminals among them, giving them a bad reputation and destroying the whatever moral standing these penis cutters have left. It is pro-anything to *clean it up*.

    I am pro-my house when I clean my house. I am not antimyhousic because I see some dirt and I want to clean it out. Similarly, myself and many others are not anti-Jewish (and certainly not anti-Arab) for saying that organized Jewish crime should be dealt with.

    Perhaps said “WN” group will have their children kidnapped and killed in Jewish sex parties. Perhaps said WN group will find themselves the victim of organized, Jewish crime, since they are so bold in harboring its fugitives.

    • Given the state of humanity how can you give special attention to jews for criminality? All of humanity is lost in sin and criminalty and jews aren’t any better or worse than anyone else. All of humanity is fallen and its not fair to present jews as being the criminals when everyone is the criminals.

  2. janoklark says:

    Recognize the Jewish mafia or become a victim of it.

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