Are The Maori And El Salvadorans Related?

The following is a picture of a Maori with tribal tattoos

And the following is an El Salvadoran gang tattoo

Some people say that the American Indians of both North and South America came to The Americas through Russia traveling into Alaska. These would be people related to Mongolians.

Although it seems that there are some Indians who are related to Mongolians and others that are related to Polynesians(examples of Polynesians include The Maori and Hawaiians).

So if I had to guess I would surmise that in South America there are Indians(Indians as in American Indians, not ones from India) who are related to The Mongolians as well as there being some who are related to The Polynesians.

According to an article in wikipedia there is evidence of Polynesian influence in The Americas:

The sweet potato, called kūmara in Māori, which is native to the Americas, was widespread in Polynesia when Europeans first reached the Pacific. Remains of the plant have been radiocarbon-dated in the Cook Islands to 1000 AD, and current thinking is that it was brought to central Polynesia circa 700 CE and spread across Polynesia from there, possibly by Polynesians who had traveled to South America and back.[12]

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3 Responses to Are The Maori And El Salvadorans Related?

  1. janoklark says:

    DNA and radiocarbon dating are all pretty fishy. Better just to go meet the people, strike up a conversation, and sense if El Salvadorans are similar to the Maori or not. I’ve met a couple Maori here in China, but I don’t know any El Salvadorans yet, so I can’t say.

    They do seem to share some Han or Mongolian traits, just from the photos, though.

    • The main thing I was pointing out in the photo is that both engage in facial tattooing and I suspect some people from El Salvador might be reverting back to Maori behavior in some respects. Although in saying that I am not suggesting joining gangs and breaking the law represents Maori behavior.

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