So, she cheated on you?

Congratulations, my brother.
She cheated on you? Good!

This article will not delve into the deeper psychology of your shock and trauma. Because there is none. The trauma is all hers.

In fact, instead of indulging in self-blame and pity, let us keep an eye on that rotten shemale counterpart of yours in order to understand what is going on and guide you through safely. First of all: keep your sanity. You are O.K.! She cheating on you does not make you anything. You did not tell her to do it and you are not responsible for her actions. She will tell you otherwise but that is the psyche warfare she will apply to you.

typical wimminJust remember the days before you found out: you were o.k., everything was fine! Nothing unusual, just doin’ your thing as a man in this wicked adulterous brave world. And then: BANG! Bad news. Bad enough.

No, how did you find out? Did she crawl up to you in tears with the “we-need-to-talk” routine (heard that crap a trillion times)? Or was it a series of conspicuous matters before you realized, and it took you months, perhaps years to piece it all together? In my case, it was the latter as much as the former, a woman to confess, is unlikely. Why? We get to that point later.

For now, I tell you what: it does not matter how you found out! The most important thing is that you focus on yourself and believe in yourself. BECAUSE there is nothing wrong with you. You did not do anything wrong. You don’t own it.

She owns it as it is all but hers.

You will now go through several stages. Stage one – of course – is finding out for real. Simultaneously stage two kicks in: disbelief. You cannot accept it, you dismiss the fact that she did it. There are two reasons for that: one, you would never think of yourself being “cheat-worthy” (because you are a good lad! And you REALLY ARE!), two, you act like some one who just learned of the loss of a loved one. In fact, she died. She died inside you the very second she broke your heart. You lost her. Forever! You don’t want to accept it, but your intuition knows otherwise and takes over for the time being. Stop dismissing. Face it: your “good girl” is nothing but a trollop. Face it and ACCEPT IT!

It is very important for you to remember stage one and two. Make a brain tattoo of it. Whatever feature brought you to finding out: memorize it; cultivate it and hold on to it because you are going to need it in order to recover and re-claim sovereignty over yourself. She has wounded you, and you ought to do both, heal the wound and cherish the scar. Both processes are intertwined because the scar actually is part of the healing, and reversed. But your mission goes beyond that. Scar tissue is harder than “normal” skin. It is tougher and more difficult to break or penetrate. And you need to be tough. You must vest yourself against her assaults, which may vary in detail but are all aimed at the one and only thing: destroying you!

A little advise on the by-way: Do not go to faggy psychologists to get a fix over your loss. Do not cry into the napkins they stick in your face while holding you and rubbing your back. Faggots! They offer you nothing but going through it all again and again and again. They are doctors, mere entrepreneurs. They want your money and they want you to come back. A shrink will cover the wound, conceal it rather than heal it. Like a face-lift butcher, he will carve out some soft tissue of your mind and put it your heart, so it can function until the next disaster strikes. Want to make an appointment?

Back on track.

In the next stage, you will make your first mistake. Yes, your first mistake in that relationship that turned out to be foul! Remember: you did not do anything wrong, and there is nothing wrong with you. Yet, here you are, making your mistake, asking: You will do two things: asking yourself what you did wrong and then stumbling over bits and pieces of supposed misdeeds and lost opportunities that you deem fit for answers. As I said: you are now making your first mistake. You are engaging in a self-destructing scheme. This will take a lot of energy from you, it will obstruct your view and decapitate your clear thinking. So stop it!

The question itself is almost superfluous, it is merely spelled in three letters: WHY.

Stop wrenching your brain, stop harming yourself. You want to know WHY she cheated on you – then go straight to the answer:

Because she is a woman.

This is the simplest truth the universe can provide you in your quest for answers.

Oh, you don’t believe me? What is so difficult? Women are passive? Shy? Faithful to their “first man” and protective to their family? Not in these wicked times, my friend!

Did you know that women are aroused by female flesh? Let me ask you: Who do you look at when you watch porn? Men or women? You look at the women, don’t you.

And so does the shemale you watch the porn with! She is not interested in the male hammering. She is interested in the woman being hammered! She wants to be in her place! Always. She wants to be with another man for her shortcoming and envy. A woman always wants to be in the place of another woman who is more excited than she is.

You want to know why she cheated on you? It is because she is promiscuous by nature! She does not like it – and occasionally she feels guilty, depending on the degree how much she hates you – but she cannot help it! She did it, she will do it again to you and to whoever is her mate at the time.

So please, let go of your guilt.

She is a woman, and you thought you to have an agreement with her on the “basics”.Such as not-to-cheat and be good, huh? You are a man. A good lad. You gave her your word and promise. Be proud of it – and know she never can. Because she is a woman.Relax. Remember when you met her. Have no regrets. That she proved unworthy is not your fault. She is a part of this world of glitter, (g)litter that falls from above and to the ground.

She cheated on you so you can be wise and free!

The Scythe

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