Drugs vs. Meditation and Prayer

drugs vs. meditation and prayerDrug use is the release of energy through destruction of nerve cells. It’s like stripmining. It takes thousands and millions of lifetimes to accrue the “coal,” yet only seconds to destroy it for some temporary fire.

Meditation/Prayer is the build up of energy and enjoyment of it as it builds. It’s like setting up solar panels that give your home energy now and at the same time store excess energy into batteries. It is a constant source.

Drug use is the attainment of value through a metaphysical credit card. The more you use, the more debt you accrue, and the longer you use it, the more interest against that will accrue against you. The credit card charges to an outside lender, who seeks to keep you in the maximum amount of debt – within the limits of keeping you alive/solvent. It is a parasitic relationship. Parasites do not seek to kill their host (though this often happens) but to use their host to the extreme.

Meditation/Prayer is the earning of value and enjoying part of that value as it gets stored in a metaphysical high-interest mutual fund. The value gets spread out into society into countless “stocks” which are sure bread-winners. Each company shares their profit with you, and your value and number of stocks increase exponentially. Your relationship wth the companies is symbiotic and mutually beneficial.

*****The KBH*****

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6 Responses to Drugs vs. Meditation and Prayer

  1. hauptzer says:

    Interesting explanation. I usually feel very spiritual when I use the simple drug called alcohol, but then afterwards i feel way worse for several days. So this could be the reason for spiritual experiences when drinking.

    • janoklark says:

      One way to test your spiritual sense while drunk is to write things down or record you talking or making poetry. It’s the next couple days that you find out, too, that whoa was that stupid. The sense that getting high brings on artistic or spiritual inspiration is merely an illusion, and easily shown to be one.

  2. This is a message so many people need to hear. Many people think that drugs are a way of helping them be spiritual. And they don’t understand that its short term experiences followed by long term losses because those experiences are based on self destruction.

  3. And the joy of the second life keeps increasing because you begin to start living off the ‘interest’ aquired in your bliss bank-account as opposed to spending it merely. The biggest obstacle in the religious life is the beginning, when you’re building up and not spending your bank-account and you don’t yet have the interest to live on.

    • janoklark says:

      There is an obstacle there, but strangely you get “high” on it at first – at least I did. My first month of celibacy was like soaring in the sky. I was high as a kite!

      • To be honest, I was parroting the exp. I often hear. “Chastity is too hard! Meditation is too hard!” Personally, I got “high” on it too at first, it was great. It mellows out as you go along, actually. But the subtle high of established celibacy is as good in its own way.

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