Religion brought down to the earth.

Religion is what you do. Furthermore, religion is all about developing good habits. (The life of a monk is called his “habit.”) The work of religion consists in developing good habits. The religious man strives to develop the exercise habit, the clean-language habit, the cleanliness habit, the prayer habit, the chastity habit, the meditation habit, and finally the happy habit. The happy habit is the crown of life. When you can be happy with God alone, then you have achieved something the world can neither give you nor take away.

The beauty is that once you become a man of good habits, the Way becomes effortless. That is the true Wu wei, or, effortless action. The life of a sinner and the life of a saint are equally easy. The only difference is that the sinner has sorrow-producing habits and the saint has happiness-producing habits. Just as a sinner is a sinner in spite of himself, a saint has so trained himself that he is a saint in spite of himself. Being a good man is really a nice, easy, way of living living. A little work in the beginning, and the middle and end will be light and easy. What the youth sows, the man of middle age and old age reaps with interest.


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2 Responses to Religion brought down to the earth.

  1. janoklark says:

    Thanks to Colonel Goober for elucidating what true Daoism is.

  2. Elijah here, and ready to make my first blog post. how do i go about that? hope you brothers weekend went well? take care

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