It almost seems unfair…

Woman (and kids) represent  90% of the hard work you have to do in life.  Supporting them financially and emotionally is a herculean task.  They are like the Hydra that Hercules fought, where when one head is cut off (one task completed), two spring up in its place.  So:  the chaste life almost seems unfair.  Life is only 10% as hard, and let’s say, 90% more enjoyable.


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2 Responses to It almost seems unfair…

  1. hauptzer says:

    Taking a parable from “” I would also guess chastity is to bachelorhood as gasoline is to machine?

  2. janoklark says:

    Life is too easily when you really give it up to God. At least materially, everything is in cruise mode and there’s very little to worry about, which gives you plenty of time for prayer.

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