Mass Emasculation Ceremony Impresses Brewery

Linday Lohan wants to mangle some manhood

Linday Lohan wants to mangle some manhood

In the Philippines, they’re having a mass castration par-tay. The kids are linin’ up, forced by their mothers and wringing their shirts while crying. The perpetrators are hopin’ to get into the Guinness Beer™ book of world records®, which lists a bunch of things you’d only do if you were really drunk. Yet another generation of damaged goods awaits us….

Beer drinking (as other drinking) emasculates men. Beer itself is a yeast plus yeast piss (“alcohol”) concoction which carries certain vaginal-type smells. Yeast piss inhibits erections and other virile functions, such as thinking. It induces “prolactin surge,” which has been shown in research to cause “manboobs.” The drunk state makes one susceptible to vaginal influence, yet incapable of actual reproductive activity (“whiskey dick”). The purchase of regular beers at bars saps a man’s income so that he can’t pay off his mortgage and get a home of his own and be free of banker slavery. There are expats in all countries right now who have chosen beer and some women over home ownership.

beer is piss

A beer sample taken at a local bar

It is thus no coincidence that Guiness Beer™ is going to abet in a mass-castration ceremony in the Philippines.

Pussified Beernut

Pussified beernut makes his contribution to castration ceremonies in the Philippines

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2 Responses to Mass Emasculation Ceremony Impresses Brewery

  1. LOL Ian, your posts are wicked. They always make me laugh. Especially the Bin Laden hoax blog. Sharp wit and humour is certainly a celibate’s forte.

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