The occult history of Odin’s lost tribe

Back in the golden age, when odinists could praise Odin and frequent His temples without being holocausted by weak, cucky Christians, Odin made clear his true word (unbeknownst to thou, but knownst to us) that the sanctified cosmology with the earth as a flat disc was only symbolic. Furthermore, those taking His word literally were to be banished from His presence. Wikipedia sums up this sybolic cosmology in Odin’s scriptures thusly:

The Earth of Norse mythology  was a flat disc. This disk is in the branches of the world tree, or Yggdrasil. Asgard was located at the center of the disc. Asgard is where the gods lived. Asgard could only be reached by walking across the rainbow (the Bifröst bridge). The Frost Giants lived in an place called Jötunheimr. Jötunheimr means giant realm.

Now to be perfectly spherious, this is strictly metaphorical, but the ignorant and lost followers of Odin took His word literally, gaining nothing but banishment from Valhalla.

Odin and Frigg

Odin pondered profoundly, wishing to keep to keep his beloved though totally retarded followers from wandering in the desert forever, stroking his perfectly shaven head and shiny (though sandpaperish) face, which reminded one of women, boys or flaming faggits. When revealing his musings with his wife Frigg, who just got back from Jötunheimr with matching tattoos from American History X, His master plan was finally forged.

Odin thundered with his massive voice, “We can have the lost tribe of Odin finally meet their chosen gods. It is then that they will accept the truth.”

Frigg said, “Oh my Lord, that’s positively brilliant!”

Christians had just started to nefariously exterminate the followers of Odin with ancient herbal pesticides, backstabbing them as they were forced to flee. They started their incessant wandering in the desert and heretofore became known as the Lost Tribe of Odin.

The only one among them who verily grasped the Truth in this exile and suffering was their leader, Chosess, who, in his powerful grasp of their predicament, steadfastly refused to debate it entirely.

Chosess refused to debate them

Chosess, in direct communication with Odin, found a safe route where none of those weak cucky Christians defeating them had been observed for 2000 years, making their heroic escape.

The object around which the odinists were wildly dancing

In later generations the remnants of the lost tribe of Odin was still wandering in the desert, now going around a flat disc shaped object, dancing wild, claiming they had found the truth.

This made Odin sad. But as he had already doomed a lot of his followers he knew his plan would finally succeed. And soon, the lost tribe of Odin found gods chosen, but some of them were skeptical:

“Are you really sure the planet is a huge ball?” mused a confused odinist.

Many of them were skeptical, but most of them finally accepted that their disc-shaped model/metaphor was wrong, and a baal object was given to them as the final solution to their confusion. One of the chosen dieties became so happy for them that he gave his tongue as a sign of his joyfulness.

And their god showed tongue in homage and joy

 The End

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Stephen Drooling prominent appendage at Epswine child mips parties

I was watchin this lovely video from Dr. Duke when I noticed at about halfway that prominently featured in the graphic for Epswine’s kiddie smuggling and rape island was our mangled, mutilated modern swine-ance superhero on wheels, Stephen Drooling:


Later we czeched out the expected apologetics over at “Britain’s finest gnus source“, the Daily Telelie, and we found somethin right interestin:

Hawking was one of 21 internationally-renowned scientists attending a conference, funded by Epstein, on gravity at the Ritz-Carlton hotel on neighbouring island St Thomas….Besides Hawking, there were three Nobel laureates on the trips.

Among those pictured with Hawking on the boat cruise is Professor Lawrence Krauss, a theoretical physicist who works at Arizona State University….

He said that the conference “wouldn’t have happened if Epstein hadn’t funded it” and that Epstein continues to fund research and science education.

He said: “He’s supporting some of the work at my institute.”

Epswine got a whoppin two year jail sentence for being the mips slave master and pimp of countless children. That’ll teach him! And it’s this kiddie rapist uber-pervert that’s “funding” gravity (or just G-spot?) research, generously giving the puppet sweinentists (explosive Nobel laureates no less!) limitless access to highly blackmailable kiddie mips.

I dunno bout you guys, but this totally burst my bubble. I’d always looked up so much to our heros in vivisection [1], war atrocities, abortion, genital mutilation, human sacrifice, and kinky gravity waves. We’d just have never guessed that modern schittentists would do such a horrible thing as rape little kids.

But I’m afraid we have, my brothers, just reached the tip of the scamberg.

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Demonia Merdel’s snake dance

We think its belly is filled with several kilos of roundworms from sucking on a combined total length of six million meters of kosher sausage. Is this communist wench literally possessed by snakes – or at least, the people of the snake? It’s a decorated kike monster: it got the ADL Europe “award of merit” in 2008, the Leo Baeck Institute award on 21 September 2010 in jewyork schitty, and the Heinz Galinski Award on 28 November 2012 in Berlin, Germany. This video shows how it’s obsessed with making an all-scheming eye gesture everywhere it grunts, and that therefore it is a freemenstrual:


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Atheist techies are pothead degenerates

Neil deGRASS

Lately people have been noticing that the world’s biggest baal earth promoter, Neil deGrass Tyson, aside from being an affirmative-action hymie-weird-style hyped up mythical supanigga from da hood, is obstreperously a pothead. Somewhere in the haze of his bizarre homilies to his ancestral slavemason, Isaac Newton, deGRASS gets the munchies and gorges his fat ass on stardust pizza.

Carl Sagan

It surely doesn’t bother atheists/wankers that the founder of all their billyuns and billyuns, the host of the whole cosmos PBS series that dominated the public’s junk metaphysics for a generation, the poasterboy of slavemason science(fiction) Carl Sagan (a pharasitic surname that means pot maker, haw haw), was a totally-stoned, braindead kyke who heavily promoted THC use in his lifetime.

Sagan had extensive knowledge of the plant through his own use, and credits its use with awakening a deeper understanding within him. In 1969 Sagan penned an essay under the pseudonym Mr. X, concluding that “the illegality of cannabis is outrageous, an impediment to full utilization of a drug which helps produce the serenity and insight, sensitivity and fellowship so desperately needed in this increasingly dangerous world.”

Bill Gates

This guy isn’t only a dope and a total fraud who knows nothing about computers, he’s a crypto-pharasite obsessed with cutting the dicks of every brown baby on the planet. When looking over the filth that is modern science, pornocracy, and general ZOG malaise, it’s hard to find a degenerate more infectious and insidious than Bill Gates – and it’s hard to imagine that they’re something else yet wrong with this demonic freak – he’s a pothead.


it’s a strange irony that to get to the top, you have to go down

Steve Jobs

Could there ever be a more kosher, queer and utterly useless hero of atheist lore? And yup, he was stoned the whole time.


Though Einswine smoked a lot of other stuff,  they say “probably not weed”. But at the very least he was an inbreeding pedophile pervert. (He told the cousin he was marrying that her underage daughter was hot and wanted to eff her/marry her instead). He was the posterboy for a theory he plagiarized and had his cousin/wife write a paper on, relativity. This theory only exists to explain why another theory, gravity, doesn’t work. And gravity was invented to explain why copernican lucifer-centrism doesn’t work. And I guess Copernicus (a mason) made up the heliocentric idea because he 1) loved lucifer and 2) wanted to enslave the masses with misinformation as the freemasons dictate. Gravitation, relativity, and the einstein hoax that continues to propel the “G” motto of enslavement through disinfo. Oneball said,

Pipe smoking contributes to a somewhat calm and objective judgment of human affairs.

So sayeth the “sage”. To date, this author has seen zero evidence that Einswine has ever done anything remotely useful in the field of science that could be said to help us understand the real world. He invented nothing, just went around stumping anything that moved – or stayed home stroking his violin and sucking a pipe if he couldn’t find a place to rub his scar of david.

Richard Feynman

Wanker hero Dick Feignman helped Einswine feign the A-bomb – and he sucked mexifags.

Stephen Jay Gould

Another pharasite and dinohoaxer. God gave it cancer, and it started smoking lots of pot.

Sogay Brin

Sogay, known for crossdressing in college, is a geek atheist idol, tech-age monopolist and a bongboy.

With article names like “7 Successful, Famous, Cannabis-Smoking Geniuses“, “6 Famous Geniuses You Didn’t Know Were Perverts“, “The 10 Smartest Pot Smokers on the Planet… Cool Enough to Admit It“, referenced above, you have to wonder if any of these modern role models have any merit to them at all.

Something that rarely occurs to the golem sheeple is that, if your intellectual heroes are 1) a drooling, withered wheelchair jockey, a 2) a plagiarizing, filthy pervert pharisee who gave birth to two retards, couldn’t speak english after 30 years in the USSA and thinks he invented the atomic bomb, a 3) dick slicing, pothead jewbag who can’t use a terminal but thinks he’s a programmer, 4) a cotton-picking, pear-head affirmative action project, a 5) child raping, nagging ZOG thought policeman, a 6) dopey, doobage-brained dweeb who rambles on about billyuns and billyuns, a 7) GRIDS-infested pharasitic “nerd” who also can’t use a terminal and invented nothing (and all of the above being choses, except for number one)….then stop wanking and wake up to the life-affirming sciences of your chaste and benevolent teachers of traditional religion. Chastity frees you from the chains of kosher science, the whores of zog bankers, and allows you to realize who the real geniuses are.

OM and Amen

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Stinking Baals

NASA’s baals stink. Modern scientists, the whore of money and the pharasitic mafia that controls it, feed us utter garbage so that we can’t compete in their “market economy”, leaving them as the penguin parliamentarians. Now let’s observe how the wobbling, spinning baal flying through the jewniverse at 670,000mph defies known natural laws which are, of course, also declared to be true by these same charlatans.

Level Water


The Salar de Uyuni salt flats are perfectly flat, and when water covers them, the depth of the water all across its 10.582 km remains consistent, and the images reflected on the surface are perfect mirror reproductions

Jewniverschitty “science” and all things impractical assume the earth is a giant spinning baal. The same banker whore scientists will tell you that water retains its level and the surface is always flat. They’ll also tell you that around 3/4ths the earth’s surface is water. Uhhh…huhuhuhuhuh….


Water finds its own level and stays flat. Everyone will tell you this, and you can observe this any way you like. The whole periscope industry depends on it, with seamen paying thousands of zogbux for scopes that can see at least 30 km (common telescopes go 6X, military periscopes go 16X or even higher. 16X = 16 times your normal range of vision). The periscopes go a half meter max above the water surface in good weather (they keep them low to avoid detection). Looking out over 30 km would be impossible, as the “curvature” would be 70.6 meters (over 21 storeys or floors of a building). I.e., on a spherical earth, the submarine would be at the top of a “heap” of water, the periscope wouldn’t see very far.

(New periscopes are called photonics masts and their range has been publicly stated as being 30 km, but they could probably see much further on clear days).

The following video should be instructive:

Vacuums suck

The air around you wants to have the same the same pressure. When you run a vacuum cleaner, it takes the air pressure down inside, and then it starts sucking up dirt and dust. Alright then. So how does the earth’s atmosphere remain around the earth when in the middle of a huge, near-perfect vacuum, outer space?

Heat rises

NASA sez there’s a thermosphere up in the sky which is 2000°C. Aside from the problem that they say a lot of satellites are in the thermosphere and that temperature would melt all materials known to man that could possibly be in those things…what’s holding in the the thermosphere’s temperature in when it’s next to outer space, whose temperatures approach absolute zero (−273.15° C)? Why does heat rise, but just up to the thermosphere and then nothing?

Materialist heat

The materialist view of heat is that it is caused by excited air molecules. The thermosphere is supposed to be around 2000°C and have almost no air (a near vacuum). Can you see a problem here?


The answer to most these questions that a scholartard will give you will invariably involve Gravity and/or relativity, two mysterious theories which would make just about anything impossible to calculate, both of which have never been demonstrated to exist in real life on earth. Both were invented by freemasons, i.e., compulsive liars.

Tenable FE theory states that gravity is an unproven and silly notion, a theory invented to support another unsupported theory, the baal, copernican earth. Things fall because they’re more dense than the medium they’re in. Density can be easily proven, also in home experiments if you like. Density is science fact, gravity is black magic/science fiction.

Relativity has never been demonstrated either, and denies the existence of aether. Nicola Tesla, who invented pretty much all the basic electronic devices that we use today, rejected relativity simply on the grounds that it rejects aether and aether’s existence can be easily and scientifically demonstrated.

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Zero LGBT opposition to misopedia

Howdy y’all. We all know that phags molest kids at 30 to 60 times the rate of straights (the math is simple: one to two percent of the population is phags, and 60% of misopedia convictions are for phags. 30 to 60 times – that’s 3000 to 6000% more).

I had the lovely experience of debating queers in fagberg (they eventually false flagged me and my account was blocked – such civil “people”). Their main argumentation tactic was to repeat that Catholic priests have a pedophilia problem. Well if you check that, it isn’t true – Catholic priests have a misopedia rate far lower than the population at large. You could very well argue from these standard statistics that Catholicism is a cure for misopedia. Further, the Catholic Church and many other religious organizations have created action committees and organizations to combat the existing misopedes in the ranks. So this begs the question: where is the LGBT opposition to misopedia?


click to enlarge. Research shows: faggits have zero organization against misopedia (“pedophilia”)

In my search I tried “gay opposition to pedophilia” and “LGBT opposition to pedophilia”. The results left show: 1) an ad by the occupying italian government for queers to come and steal money from italian taxpayers at their geigh center 2) a study on misopede statistics from the NIH 3) the wankapedia article on a murican kiddie rapist association (which is btw totally legal) NAMBLA 4)’s repoasting of a study’s obvious results saying queers are more often misopedes 5) an often-linked “study” by headshrinkers (far more often crazy themselves than the normal population) claiming the opposite 6) a search on for articles related to “pedophilia” 7) Ted Cruz’s dad saying legalization of faggitry will lead to legalization of misopedia, then the same thing from infowars, then at the very bottom an ad (ironically) for a intra-religious organization against misopedia, then the second and third pages filled with just tens more of irrelevant results. Okay then, it’s official: exactly zero queers are concerned about misopedia and are organizing to stop it.

Figured you already knew that, but we figured we’d sum it all up here. OM and Amen


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Gnu FE Fun: Geographia & Surveying

Hey bromies of the KBH! We’re sure your voyage into the celibate life is tuning you into gnu and spatial realizations every day. Here are just two of mine.

1) Geographia according to Brigham Young’s online classical language reference means:

Vivid representation of the earth to create an illusion of reality.

(In previous poasts we saw that geographia, geometria and gematria are all related terms. Geomatria still means calculation of a word’s numeric value in hebrew. G is the central letter in the sybmol of freemasonry, and now of the interwebs with the geighgle monopoly).

a scholartard, credentialed windbag or zeitguy

Scholartard sez: level = curve

2) Your standard surveyor’s text book uses the most obvious nonsense doublespeak you’ve ever seen.

Most surveying activities are performed under the pseudo assumption that measurements are being made with reference to a flat horizontal surface….The earth actually has the approximate shape of a spheroid…However…we can consider the earth to be a perfect sphere with a constant diameter. In addition, we can consider that the average level of the ocean or mean sea levels represent the surface of sphere.

And there’s more! The earth is a big baal, but it’s baalness cannot be measured, so let’s just call it a flat sphere:

1. Plane surveying

As mentioned earlier that most surveying measurements are carried out as if the surface of the earth were perfectly flat. The method of surveying based on this assumption is called plane surveying. In plane surveying, it is neglect [sic] the curvature of the earth, and it is used [sic] the principles of plane geometry and plane trigonometry to compute the result of our surveys. The use of plane surveying methods simplifies the work of surveyor. With in a distance of 20 km, the effect of earth’s curvature on our measurement is so small that we can hardly measure it. In other words, a horizontal distance measured between two points along a truly level line is, for practical purposes, the same distances [sic] measured along the straight chord connecting the two points.

(Chord – The straight line connecting the end points of an arc.)

This yogi and Christian is quite curious what “most measurements” means, and which ones figure in “the curve”. In any case, the book doesn’t say (I know, y’all is SO SHOCKED). The level distance between two points equals the chord? lol. Guess we don’t need the word chord then? Guess arcs are perfectly flat? lol.

The source for these celibate findings for today is this video from Jeranism (also a great source on the apollo hoax).

OM and Amen


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