Anyone can use Hawking

With the interesting surmise that Hawking was actually FE, then mutilated and reduced (or replaced?) to a vegetable that puppets silly ZOG spinning and baalism, comes this gnu video where an FE-er uses Hawking to spout our very own propaganda. Why not? If they’ve already trumped him up as the world’s smartest man, why not pump out Truth, filtering it through some computer-generated voice? Like in the video with Hawking and Carl Satan where Hawking is said the big bang must have happened because of red shift, why not have Hawking say the firmament is real because we red shift? He could also explain how chastity is the mother of God consciousness, and how we will not stop White genocide until enough of our men become chaste and start praying/meditating.

After reading up a bit I’ve decided in the meantime that Hawking was never an FE’er and always a zogbot, but that it just got much easier for zog to exploit him for “muh famous theories”. It’s noted that Hawking was purportedly born exactly the masonic magic THREE hundred years after Galileo:

Hawking was born on Jan. 8, 1942, which just happened to be the 300th anniversary of Galileo’s death.

(The letter G, “gimmel”, is the number three in pharasitic gematria). There are parallels, too, between Hawking and Einswine:

…it may come as a shock to learn that Hawking was a slacker when it came to his school studies.

Einswine seemed to be a big, post-war push in the totally vacuous vein of Hawking. Obviously a dirty, degenerate kyke, hoaxing around (like with a-bombs), the public being satisfied on the teet of murica bear burger, no longer demands actual work from its academics and scientists. They produce nothing, and to borrow Mathisanalogy, it’s all like modern “art”. It’s all going with the trend of zog getting just more and more fake, surreal, useless and degenerate. As the tower of Babel rises, officials and leaders get further and further away from our actual positions, inventing ever-more preposterous, long-distance (un-checkable, un-verifyable, un-auditable) swindles with which to make their imperial clothing. The post-war world went quickly from being obsessed with all things international to all things in space, to absolutely nothing in space – just bloviations on theories which sell like hotcakes (I mean, hot baals….) The pharasite bases all of this on their cash, which, when researched and fully understood, is literally negative value or debt.

So let’s take advantage, gentlemen, of this void, of this constant hoaxing. It’s now our turn to invent the world that we want, instead of always taking it from them.

Hawking himself said:

The earth is flat and this means Einswine was a bald-faced liar.

Amen and OM


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