Stephen Drooling prominent appendage at Epswine child mips parties

I was watchin this lovely video from Dr. Duke when I noticed at about halfway that prominently featured in the graphic for Epswine’s kiddie smuggling and rape island was our mangled, mutilated modern swine-ance superhero on wheels, Stephen Drooling:


Later we czeched out the expected apologetics over at “Britain’s finest gnus source“, the Daily Telelie, and we found somethin right interestin:

Hawking was one of 21 internationally-renowned scientists attending a conference, funded by Epstein, on gravity at the Ritz-Carlton hotel on neighbouring island St Thomas….Besides Hawking, there were three Nobel laureates on the trips.

Among those pictured with Hawking on the boat cruise is Professor Lawrence Krauss, a theoretical physicist who works at Arizona State University….

He said that the conference “wouldn’t have happened if Epstein hadn’t funded it” and that Epstein continues to fund research and science education.

He said: “He’s supporting some of the work at my institute.”

Epswine got a whoppin two year jail sentence for being the mips slave master and pimp of countless children. That’ll teach him! And it’s this kiddie rapist uber-pervert that’s “funding” gravity (or just G-spot?) research, generously giving the puppet sweinentists (explosive Nobel laureates no less!) limitless access to highly blackmailable kiddie mips.

I dunno bout you guys, but this totally burst my bubble. I’d always looked up so much to our heros in vivisection [1], war atrocities, abortion, genital mutilation, human sacrifice, and kinky gravity waves. We’d just have never guessed that modern schittentists would do such a horrible thing as rape little kids.

But I’m afraid we have, my brothers, just reached the tip of the scamberg.

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