Gnu FE Fun: Geographia & Surveying

Hey bromies of the KBH! We’re sure your voyage into the celibate life is tuning you into gnu and spatial realizations every day. Here are just two of mine.

1) Geographia according to Brigham Young’s online classical language reference means:

Vivid representation of the earth to create an illusion of reality.

(In previous poasts we saw that geographia, geometria and gematria are all related terms. Geomatria still means calculation of a word’s numeric value in hebrew. G is the central letter in the sybmol of freemasonry, and now of the interwebs with the geighgle monopoly).

a scholartard, credentialed windbag or zeitguy

Scholartard sez: level = curve

2) Your standard surveyor’s text book uses the most obvious nonsense doublespeak you’ve ever seen.

Most surveying activities are performed under the pseudo assumption that measurements are being made with reference to a flat horizontal surface….The earth actually has the approximate shape of a spheroid…However…we can consider the earth to be a perfect sphere with a constant diameter. In addition, we can consider that the average level of the ocean or mean sea levels represent the surface of sphere.

And there’s more! The earth is a big baal, but it’s baalness cannot be measured, so let’s just call it a flat sphere:

1. Plane surveying

As mentioned earlier that most surveying measurements are carried out as if the surface of the earth were perfectly flat. The method of surveying based on this assumption is called plane surveying. In plane surveying, it is neglect [sic] the curvature of the earth, and it is used [sic] the principles of plane geometry and plane trigonometry to compute the result of our surveys. The use of plane surveying methods simplifies the work of surveyor. With in a distance of 20 km, the effect of earth’s curvature on our measurement is so small that we can hardly measure it. In other words, a horizontal distance measured between two points along a truly level line is, for practical purposes, the same distances [sic] measured along the straight chord connecting the two points.

(Chord – The straight line connecting the end points of an arc.)

This yogi and Christian is quite curious what “most measurements” means, and which ones figure in “the curve”. In any case, the book doesn’t say (I know, y’all is SO SHOCKED). The level distance between two points equals the chord? lol. Guess we don’t need the word chord then? Guess arcs are perfectly flat? lol.

The source for these celibate findings for today is this video from Jeranism (also a great source on the apollo hoax).

OM and Amen


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