Atheist Beta Males

an f'in genius on the smoking question

Christopher Hitchens Ⓚ, an f’in genius on air quality

It seems like for a blue moon I have not checked up on them atheists. They seem to highly revere that there Chris Hitchens, who had a doctorate in respiratory disease prevention. And then someone passes along a couple Dawkins videos to me.

And the first one was a Black man kissin his boots in a supposed debate. “Mr. Dawkins sir, is it ever hard to herd your cattle when them bahble thumpers is descendin upon yo fields?” And then Dicky done cussed. He said, “I tolt ’em to F off.” And apparently, that there F word is just hilarious, and the audience went wild.

origin of species

“We sure love that Origin of Species book!”

In the second one, he’s claimin to have a rodeo with them creation believers and design lovers. The documentary starts out with him telling his life story, how he became an atheist because his dad explained evolution to him. The camera kept panning over all his books, proving just how bookish and amazinly four-eyed he is. All them books, the menshunins of great giants he stands upon, the fantastical Darwin etc. He mentions in passin that this Darwit guy done married a Christian, but forgot to mention that he and her family was inbreeders, and that Woodwedge or that Wedgwood was his cousin.

“Darlin! Why that evolution theory sure is somethin!” Woodwedger exclaimed.

“Shhh! better keep that all in the family!” Darwit replied with a twinkle in his eye. Turns out three of this super-genius’ kids done died from mutation ‘n nachral selleshun.

And ain’t it somethin, they forgots to mention Darwit’s best friend, the ever affable Karl Levi-“Marx”.

But of all the points listed in the previous post (fossil layers, illogical radiocarbon datin and stuff), Dockins addressed none.

His job is to go around finding some weird Christians to play victim to his thought police routine. And instead of usin his noggin, he just offers “there’s mountains of evidence!” – and suggests these teachers and educators should be fired. Whenever the Christian says something, the camera goes to him with this shocked look on his face, as if to say, Golly gee willackers! How the heckers did you say that! I’m a gonna tell pappy on you! 

He also talks over the people he’s arguing against. Odd, I sort of wanted to know what they had to say. Shucks.

And he ain’t virile. His eyes are dull and tiny, diminishing to minuscule proportions behind eyeglasses, his hair is very short, his voice has gone a bit Donald Duck and his facial hair looks completely non-existent. In this case he goes to an antimasturbation Christian retreat, and all them “superstitious” guys in the room look like they could woop his winny tush. Those upright Mormons that teach wankin is bad – they look like they could stick ol’ Dockins into a crackerbarrel upside-down.

Lookin at the depraved state of this withered Dick, he’s surely blackmailed with some weird stuff. Maybe pigs and dogs, but surely a couple poojabber buggerbuddies. Matt Stein and Trey Parker seem to know somethin we don’t, now doesn’t they? Just wait until he dresses down israhell or otherwise loses his chosen credentials, then the gefilte fish will hit the fan.

world's smartest man can't stay healthy

looks retarded but is the smartest man in the world: Steven Hawking

High-falutin Dawkins and his PhD in optometry and self-induced prostatic spasms is standin on the shoulders of giants like Steven Hawking. (But Hawking has a PhD in nervous disease so maybe that’s not a good idea.) Why, he went and done an interview with Hawkins’ little beeper box there. Looks like stickin to them special white people’s accepted plumb line of highly accredited, bought by corporate and ZOG megabux evidence has left him the picture of good health.

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5 Responses to Atheist Beta Males

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  2. Cole Cook says:

    beautifully written, a constructive acclaim against these kinds of people, which there are a plenty of.

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