Stinking Baals

NASA’s baals stink. Modern scientists, the whore of money and the pharasitic mafia that controls it, feed us utter garbage so that we can’t compete in their “market economy”, leaving them as the penguin parliamentarians. Now let’s observe how the wobbling, spinning baal flying through the jewniverse at 670,000mph defies known natural laws which are, of course, also declared to be true by these same charlatans.

Level Water


The Salar de Uyuni salt flats are perfectly flat, and when water covers them, the depth of the water all across its 10.582 km remains consistent, and the images reflected on the surface are perfect mirror reproductions

Jewniverschitty “science” and all things impractical assume the earth is a giant spinning baal. The same banker whore scientists will tell you that water retains its level and the surface is always flat. They’ll also tell you that around 3/4ths the earth’s surface is water. Uhhh…huhuhuhuhuh….


Water finds its own level and stays flat. Everyone will tell you this, and you can observe this any way you like. The whole periscope industry depends on it, with seamen paying thousands of zogbux for scopes that can see at least 30 km (common telescopes go 6X, military periscopes go 16X or even higher. 16X = 16 times your normal range of vision). The periscopes go a half meter max above the water surface in good weather (they keep them low to avoid detection). Looking out over 30 km would be impossible, as the “curvature” would be 70.6 meters (over 21 storeys or floors of a building). I.e., on a spherical earth, the submarine would be at the top of a “heap” of water, the periscope wouldn’t see very far.

(New periscopes are called photonics masts and their range has been publicly stated as being 30 km, but they could probably see much further on clear days).

The following video should be instructive:

Vacuums suck

The air around you wants to have the same the same pressure. When you run a vacuum cleaner, it takes the air pressure down inside, and then it starts sucking up dirt and dust. Alright then. So how does the earth’s atmosphere remain around the earth when in the middle of a huge, near-perfect vacuum, outer space?

Heat rises

NASA sez there’s a thermosphere up in the sky which is 2000°C. Aside from the problem that they say a lot of satellites are in the thermosphere and that temperature would melt all materials known to man that could possibly be in those things…what’s holding in the the thermosphere’s temperature in when it’s next to outer space, whose temperatures approach absolute zero (−273.15° C)? Why does heat rise, but just up to the thermosphere and then nothing?

Materialist heat

The materialist view of heat is that it is caused by excited air molecules. The thermosphere is supposed to be around 2000°C and have almost no air (a near vacuum). Can you see a problem here?


The answer to most these questions that a scholartard will give you will invariably involve Gravity and/or relativity, two mysterious theories which would make just about anything impossible to calculate, both of which have never been demonstrated to exist in real life on earth. Both were invented by freemasons, i.e., compulsive liars.

Tenable FE theory states that gravity is an unproven and silly notion, a theory invented to support another unsupported theory, the baal, copernican earth. Things fall because they’re more dense than the medium they’re in. Density can be easily proven, also in home experiments if you like. Density is science fact, gravity is black magic/science fiction.

Relativity has never been demonstrated either, and denies the existence of aether. Nicola Tesla, who invented pretty much all the basic electronic devices that we use today, rejected relativity simply on the grounds that it rejects aether and aether’s existence can be easily and scientifically demonstrated.

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