Imminent demise for Lyle

The demise of Lyle Kunt (K) and his coalburner, shrieking, insane nagging wife Sine-aid Muhgarthy is imminent. It’s not only exposed that Sineaid was coalburning right as they formed Reniggayed Broad-casting, but that Lyle is a dyed-in-the-wool kyke. Just imagine, that in 2011 Lyle was espousing the mysteries of baby-dick sucking kabbalah, the epiphanies afforded by raping three-year olds. [1] The following post is still up somehow, but screenshotted here for archival purposes:


Gematria is the way pharasites calculate numerical values for words. Behind Lyle there is a kabbalah tree and in a jewfag rainbow (rainbows, it turns out, like the letter G/gimmel and occulted moons, are used constantly to represent hidden knowledge of kosher secret societies). Funny that geighgle is both a rainblow and a G (globalism, gematria/geometry, the g-spot, g force, the gyroscope [that disproves all G, lol]…)

Not that we don’t like G’s, 6’s, 6-pointed stars, 3’s…it’s just that satanists are busy trying to make these numbers and concepts dirty (a typical example of which is Peter’s Cross, the inverted cross, attempted to be used as a dirty satanic/pharasitic symbol, or Krishna’s abode, the 6-pointed star, being thought of, in a Sickmind Fraudian way, as a willy and a poontang together in mips).


Men that are truly respectful of their ancestry wouldn’t be mutilating their bodies with tatts, piercings and shaving

Real WN’s, Christians and those very respectful of 2000 years of our ancestors’ Christian heritage and tradition, are finding out about these odinut clowns and their satanic, kabbalistic, anti-White and vaginal origins.



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