The Victory of Jesus and AH

Churcharson Media just posted:


…which proves beyond any doubt that they are incorrigible, materialist chosens. The idea that one could kill one’s soul by killing their flesh is purely a kosher, satanic concept, only the grossest folly of the world’s foulest, most base losers.


“Physically kill them. Only the material body exists!”

When the pharasites were under relentless attack by Jesus Christ and His followers, they turned to Pontius Pilate to solve the problem, in their blind, mammon-adoring eyes: killing His material body. Result? He became the most famous man on the planet for 2000 years. Looks like their kosher plans backfired a bit! The Romans then continued killing and oppressing Christians via lupine jerk-offs like Saul of Tarsus, and for every Christian killed, a hundred more converted. Indeed, shut it down was failing on a wide scale and the White world was moving toward the glorious medieval times, when the European Man lived in harmony with God and nature, formed traditionalist principles, and realized what was always in the heart of White people. From then on, there was never an improvement on this basic system of morality and way of life.


His spirit cannot be killed. Killing His physical body only makes His spirit stronger a million times. The crucifix: the undying symbol of Christian courage, faith, and spiritual vigilance.

He who kills the material body of the Hero will live in infamy forever. He who is killed as a martyr, lives on forever in the minds and hearts of man. His mission only grows as it is suppressed, and he becomes the obsession of enemy and ally alike.


These inspiring images are only legends, and not representations of real Lords, angels and gurus living in the spiritual word. The seeker only attains experience in the spirit world via intense personal sacrifice, vigilant chastity and silent prayer. Merely recounting legends no more makes a man a Knower than watching hospital dramas on TV makes one a heart surgeon

Which brings us to Hitler and National Socialists. When the pharasites killed them off, raping and torturing hordes of them, it was just planting more trouble seeds. Today, every chosen worries about, thinks about and obsesses over NSists and AH. The NS movement in Germany, which could have just been the resurgence of the German race, kicking out the moneychangers and butchers and keeping to itself, was expanded into a world-wide battle between right and wrong, just and unjust, Brilliant White and Slimey Schlomo. This turned the personal struggle of the Sage, Seer, Seeker, Soldier, the reincarnation of Christ, born on Easter, AH, into everyone’s final moral choice and struggle of the spirit – the Tribulation before the rapture, their final test, in that lifetime, of where their loyalty lies. Again, the pharasites, the demons and devils in the flesh on this earth, turned what could have been a molehill into the mountainous, eternal bane of their existence, their recurring nightmare.

adolf-hitlerTo create a firewall against all criticism of their satanic globalist regime, they invented the holohoax – a further intensification of their demise. Inventing horrible stories, mostly centered around cheating, tricking, fire, poisonous gas, vivisection and faeces, producing over thirty films per year, spending millions of zogbux on detailed visualizations, meditations and prayers for what did not happen to make 100% sure it will be realized in the future. They are, step by step, becoming victims of their own materialism and their own rancid imagination.

And here we are, more than 70 years after the war, and there is not a day when a pharasite doesn’t think of or say the dreaded N word – the description of their nemesis, the continuous rain of negative karma for their heinous deeds.


The All-lies claimed to have killed AH. If they did, would that mean He lost?

And thus we know that Churchburner Media was founded by and is currently run by materialist pharisees who, for the life of them, no matter what evidence is presented to them, cannot comprehend the existence of consciousness, the soul, the spirit. Though they borrow NS images and concepts, it is by their own argumentation that one would have to conclude the Fuehrer Himself to be a “dead jew” who “lost”. By their own logic, the vendetta of true nationalist Germans would also be depressing and a symbol of failure. They are, in fact, none other than pharisees obsessing every day as pharisees do over Christ and AH.

Keep going, firestarter. Your true colors are showing clearer every day.

Amen and OM.



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