The term Jew in the Bible is an Anachronism

Current versions of the Bible are translations of a Hebrew text post 550BC for the OT and a 7th century Greek text for the NT. Many new texts have been discovered by archeology and religious seekers in recent years – The Gospel of the Holy Twelve, The Peshitta Bible, etc. – and these texts are not Jewish-banker approved. The KBH supports the older texts because they represent more holy examples of both the Jewish and Christian traditions by including kindness to animals, vegetarianism, and sobriety for example.

But what we’ll show just by the mainstream Bible sources, Jesus Christ was not a Jew. This conclusion does not require biblical scholarship or a PHD in bible studies. The basic facts drawn from here are easily seen in source materials.

The key facts of this case are:

  1. Jew is a modern term which is currently defined by Jews. It is an 19th century term that cannot be applied to Biblical texts without committing anachronism. For example, “Emo” is a modern term describing a certain group of people. If the word Emo appeared in a Shakespearean play, we’d know it was a mistake, interpolation, or lie.
  2. According to the Bible, there were 12 tribes of Israel, ten of which split to the north, and two of which split to the south. Only one was called Yehudi, which is the name of the first ancestor of that tribe, or refers to its descendants. In English the spelling may be changed to Judea or Judean.
  3. In Biblical myth, there were the brothers Cain and Abel, and Cain was evil. He started the wicked tribe of the Canaanites, who carried on a matrilineal heritage and sacrificed their first-born sons to Molech. The first King James version of the Bible unfortunately started to mistranslate the words Canaanite, Edomite and Hittite as “Iewe.” In subsequent versions they started to use the modern term “Jew.”
  4. The initial deception by the original Canaanites was that they were of the house of Judah, or Judeans. They capitalized on a confusion of terms which occurred after the Maccabees took over and created the state of Judea, which included many tribes and the original Judeans. Because of this political change, the word Judean then changed its meaning from “of the tribe of Judah” to “anyone living in the district of Judea.” It is then that the Canaanites made the false assertion that they were of the house of Judea because they were living in the new district of Judea and therefore “Judeans.” The Bible calls these “fake Jews” in Revelation 2:9 and 3:9, and continues to condemn them as the wicked ones who circumcise babies in satanic ritual, are matrilineal, eat meat and sacrifice animals (like chickens), drink wine etc. etc.
  5. When Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem, Judea was already merely a political entity. He was raised in Galilee, which isn’t in the district of Judea. So He was never a resident of Judea – just born there – was never of the Cain tribe, but of the Judean tribe, which the Bible defines as holy.

The persistence of these facts make current Bibles contradictory. Why does Christ say He’s a Jew, but then in other parts say Jews are wicked? Why is Christ’s main objective in the Bible to argue against Jews and take them out of the temple, when He Himself was a Jew? Why did the Jews kill Jesus, when Jesus was a Jew? None of this makes sense until you check your Greek version of the Bible, then check the Greek definitions of the words in a Greek dictionary. Only then do you find that in the OT, “Jew” is the mistranslation of “of the Judean tribe” and in the NT, “Jew” is the mistranslation of “a resident of the new district/state of Judea.”

Would Jesus have us call Him a Jew? Certainly not. Jew is a modern, outside term which would have no bearing on Him. Considering that some Caananites call themselves Jews today (arguably in Ethiopia), He would be offended by this term. There is often a great difference between the insider and outsider’s terms. “American Indians” call themselves by their respective tribes – the Sioux, the Apache, and so on. They’re not stupid enough to think they are from India and say they’re Indians. “Germans” call themselves Deutsch and their country Deutschland – not “Germans.” The Romans called them the Allemans, but this didn’t effect the Deutsch at all.

Modern Jews are a mixture of German converts, Khazar converts and perhaps some Canaanites, Edomites or Hittites. The proportion of each is a matter of opinion, but some 84% of modern Jews are blood type B, which would suggest the majority of today’s Jews are in fact Khazars and/or of some nomadic ancestry. Just for clarity, no one can show how modern Jews could be either of the house of Shem (Semitic) or of the house of Judah (Judean). Since Jews are always changing their surnames, faking death records and emigrating from one nation to the next, it is difficult to track them with any precision.

According to some theories of reincarnation, it’s very difficult to get reincarnated outside your own family. It’s even harder to reincarnate outside your own race or specie. Put simply: old habits die hard, and these habits are passed on through families and races.

Christ, the Pharisee whipper

Christ frees animals to be tortured and killed by Pharisees, and kicks the Pharisees out of the temple

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