Chinese Martial Arts, or Gongfu

Gongfu has a number of remarkable traditions and arises out of monasteries of celibate monks. However, seeing the recent Chinese Gongfu movies, one can assume that the practice as a whole is in terrible disarray, and that the greatest practitioners can only be recognized through private efforts and avoidance of all celebrities.

In a recent Chinese movie, a great practitioner from Hong Kong in the 1920’s and 1930’s was portrayed as a smoker and a drinker, as Chinese movies are typically simply advertisements for sin industries. Also notably, the film showed him having an inverted sense of justice, fighting to save a thief stealing meat*. He was shown being solicited by a very young Bruce Lee as master and trainer, whom he refused because he was too young.

It is sad to note that actually the reason he would have refused him was because Bruce Lee was considered White, being of 1/4 White ancestry, and martial arts schools of the time forbade teaching to or training with non-Chinese. Bruce Lee was a US national and had a keen sense of justice, which is a White trait. He had physically beaten members of the Hong Kong triads and had a contract out on his life because of it. It may be thought that because he was an actor, that he was a fake martial artist, but upon further research you’ll find that he was probably one of the ten greatest fighters in history. The corrupt Chinese often refused to teach him or train with him, and his famous fight with Wong Jack Man was to decide if he could teach Gongfu to Whites:

In Oakland, California in 1964 at Chinatown, Lee had a controversial private match with Wong Jack Man, a direct student of Ma Kin Fung known for his mastery of Xingyiquan, Northern Shaolin, and Tai chi chuan. According to Lee, the Chinese community issued an ultimatum to him to stop teaching non-Chinese; when he refused to comply he was challenged to a combat match with Wong, the arrangement being that if Lee lost he would have to shut down his school while if he won then Lee would be free to teach Caucasians or anyone else. [Bruce Lee: The Immortal Dragon, 29 January 2002, A&E Television Networks]

Bruce Lee instructed several White World Karate Champions including Chuck Norris, Joe Lewis, and Mike Stone.

New Chinese Fiction: Drunk Chinese defeats army of foreigners

New Chinese Fiction: Drunk, Smoky Chinese Defeats Army of Slobbering Foreigners. Disgusting cinema shows laughable Chinese hubris and emphasizes that zero Chinese can defeat any foreigner in any freestyle fight

It should not come as a surprise, therefore, that there are no Chinese martial arts champions today. No Chinese man makes it to a list of top fighters in modern times. On this page of UFC tournament finalists, there is not even one Chinese name. In the picture to the left is Donnie Yen, who says he would have participated in UFC if he didn’t have a shoulder injury. A man I know came to China and studied under the “most famous” Taiji teacher, only to find him smoking after class. Chinese are currently heavily addicted to feminizing drugs like cigarettes and liquor, are in the midst of a futile sexual revolution with often rampant promiscuity, have the highest abortion rate in the world, a soaring STD clinic industry, are the most prolific server of porn (for wanking) in the world[1], taint their food with penis-shrinking/feminizing plasticizers of 20 times the toxicity of melamine[1], physically cannot grow the great beards of their ancestors, and worship money. It’s not just that Chinese are physically smaller and weaker at birth. Helio Gracie was a small man and one of the greatest fighters in history. Chinese men now are generally very weak from heavy sinning and simply do not compete with modern, continent, White fighters.

If you come to China looking to train in martial arts, it is very important that you find someone who isn’t famous under the current corrupt system, and preferably someone who would teach you for free or for very cheap fees. There are several strong practitioners who subsist in the mountains and more isolated regions in China. You could find them by way of a good translator/companion.

*part of the current state propaganda that it is necessary to eat meat, that it is a symbol of progress and wealth, and that thieves steal because they are hungry. They also assume that hunger comes from people not worshiping money as a religion as is now done in the CCP

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4 Responses to Chinese Martial Arts, or Gongfu

  1. This is amazing, Chinese fighters aren’t on any of the top fighter lists even when they are the ones who invented a lot of the fighting styles? Wow. The Chinese people must have fallen far. Here is a list of top 10 UFC fighters with pictures.

    Most are white, one is black, and there is a few hispanics. Not one Chinese looking person.

    • janoklark says:

      The only Asian I could find was a Korean, and his UFC record was 2 losses and 1 win (!).

      At first I had assumed that Chinese were strong competitors in martial arts, but then when I saw two Gongfu movies in a bus and saw that the movies portrayed a great fighter as a smoker and drinker, I began to doubt it. I went home and started looking around, finding that there are no serious Chinese contenders nowadays. It is indeed shocking…

  2. janoklark says:

    I’ve also seen on Gongfu forums several posters who say they refuse to watch any movie with Donnie Yen, suggesting that he looks like a misopede/misandrist. My opinion of him is that he indeed looks small, round, puffy and harmless. He also has a number of misandrist mannerisms.

  3. Sifu Wong Kiew Kit is the heir of the true Shaolin tradition. You might find his works very interesting, and often supportive of Banjoists.

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