Sine-aid Mugarty

Sorry to overload on this odinut/bagelnazi issue Brothers. But this is all too funny. Above is Sineaid showin off her hooknose in what appears to be a professional studio, makin kosher copywrong music with her pet nig, Tyrone, at a very young age (let’s say, 20. Vag’s daughter got to Abbey Road studios at that age…all so similar). To recap, the reason Sineaid is an issue is because her houseburnt, Lyle Kunt is a whitenight bagelnazi that produces a show called Firebrigade (okay, “Renigade”) Broadcasting. Mike Sledge says that Kunt’s conspicuously rich family showed up at his trailer to pick him up and take him to their Thanksgiving dinner, but Kyle refused, cause he said it was a “jew holiday”.


We’re not sayin that hook nose of hers is necessarily pharasitic, but that church burnin, hatin Christians/Christ, attackin men, bein a feminut, henpeckin a kosherish/suspiciously connected whitenight, whiny, beta, circumstumped houseburnt is.


Coalburnin one minute, arrogatin itself to be a WN leader the next


Drinkin the koolaid with Sineaid

We’ve only just taken interest in this issue because they seem to be everywhere in the WNisphere – on David Duke’s show, and Occidental Observer, to name two. The KBH denounces these anti-White degenerates – bumpirates, trannies, alkies, hymieweird buffs etc. – and hereby restates the primal importance of chastity/abstinence and prayer/meditation in any successful effort to regenerate one’s People.

OM and Amen

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