Carnivorism, Pharasites and Immigration (pt. 2)

You can’t eat your burger and be a nationalist, too. The phenomena explained in part one of this article determines that meat eating necessarily creates a mass influx of violent immigrants in the USA. This article expands the scope and shows how this phenomena exists and is working to destroy nations everywhere in the world today.


An interesting angle on the 2008 Tibet riots is that it was all actually a race war between imported violent criminal immigrant Hui stumpy-rapey mudslime alahu snackbars and native Tibetans. We see in the ridiculous interview with the Da-lie Llama, vegetarianism was the norm for monks and the Tibetan ruler when he was a kid, yet he snubs French president’s nice vegetarian meal, refusing to eat it because it didn’t contain carcass. It would go to reason that the Tibetans have gone from a largely vegetarian diet to being crazed for meat (similar to post-war Italy or modern China).

The difference is they are “buddhist” (but don’t expect turdskins to understand what that word means), and wanted a rationale for doing this, considering the first Buddhist precept (“don’t kill innocent beings”) requires vegetarianism and most Buddhists in the world are vegetarians. They say (as do Chinese) that if the meat isn’t killed yourself, i.e., already dead, there’s little or no sin to eating it. We’d say this idea alone shows you just how sneaky, creepy and lying asiatics tend to be. The legal code of pretty much any country in the world shows that murder if premeditated is a more grave crime, and that hiring others to do it necessitates the sentence of first-degree, pre-meditated murder. On further analysis, this legal code is correct. Hiring others to kill involves more people in the crime, i.e., corrupts them, in addition to the murder.

Tibetans began importing the alien snackbars to satisfy their ever-increasing lust for meat. A physical, bloody battle commenced in 2008 and continues to this day.


Europe imports masses of snackbars who subsist largely by slaughtering animals, selling boner and kebab.


India traditionally should be a vegetarian nation, but again, kebab is proliferating, and ethnic tensions are already escalated to civil-war levels. In hoping to win the demographic war, the Indian government just made burger al-la “le american bear” illegal.

le american bear follows schlomo-produced burgerle american bear follows schlomo-produced burger


Some have noted that “israel” is the most openly ethno-centric “nation” on earth, in full-blown hatred mode against is-slime, and that it has the second largest percentage of vegetarians second only to India.


The diets of the American Indians varied with the locality and climate but all were based on animal foods of every type and description, not only large game like deer, buffalo, wild sheep and goat, antelope, moose, elk, caribou, bear and peccary, but also small animals such as beaver, rabbit, squirrel, skunk, muskrat and raccoon; reptiles including snakes, lizards, turtles, and alligators; fish and shellfish; wild birds including ducks and geese; sea mammals (for Indians living in coastal areas); insects including locust, spiders and lice; and dogs. (Wolves and coyotes were avoided because of religious taboos). – [source]

It’s obvious that the red man subsisted on meat-based diets and has been thoroughly genocided from the north american continent. If meat makes you stronger and more intelligent (and yes, they hunted all their meat), they wouldn’t have lost everything to the White man – Europeans largely of the vegetarian farmer bloodtype A. Raiding, nomadic theives like the redskins had no idea how to farm. Worms in the brain?

Adolf Hitler

The guiding Light of WN’s and GWM’s was a vegetarian. It’s undeniable that He created the greatest army the world has ever seen, that had skewered more commie boar than anyone in history. Animal cruelty and injustice to animals are not traits of strong, intelligent men. Cruelty is entertainment for women, ethnics and the weak. This is also why Hitler passed the first anti-vivisection law in Europe.  The biggest, strongest, longest-lived animals on the planet have been vegetarian (and this strength only increases with chastity).

Any paleo, cadaver-gnawing “nationalist” is either fake or severely misguided.

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