Two Schools of Reincarnation

There are generally two schools of thought concerning reincarnation. One school, the most popular, teaches that vast changes can occur rapidly, depending mostly on our particular thoughts and vibrations at the time of death. The other school teaches that changes occur very slowly and reincarnation is decided on a very deep character which is only changed very slowly over many lifetimes.

The Hindu and Buddhist school of thought is the former. If you are sexing around like a monkey, then you get in an accident and die, you could very well be reincarnated as a monkey. Women who like posing and standing for those to admire – women absorbed in vanity – could become trees (go here to see a visual demonstration, or here to see a story of a real woman who is growing bark on herself). Rabid meat eaters can become tigers in the next life. Goths and emos can become spiders. Lazy people who use drugs could become koalas. Nice provider types who love eating and sexing could become pigs. Provider types afraid to discuss serious issues could become cows or sheep. And finally, what Hinduism and Buddhism teach is that many people have worse behavior during their lives and go straight to hell.

One guess concerning hell of the first theory is that the souls there are actually nearly inanimate and very subtle vibration material objects like pools of water and rocks. They may be subject to use and reuse, like water used for a heat pack, boiled, then reboiled…or stone cut into rocks, made into a house, crumbled up, washed into water, and slowly turned into tiny pieces of sand. The process for the tiny amount of consciousness in these essentially dead objects to become more enlightened and accrue more consciousness could take thousands of years. This could be why scripture tells us that after going to hell, there is nearly an eternity of education to be had.

The other school of thought is that character is very deep within a soul, far within the mind, and things happening simply in this lifetime on a conscious, sub-conscious, or mind level don’t have much effect. According to this theory, we get reincarnated often into our own families. Our family can attain varying levels of enlightenment. This would explain why people think their families are so important and why we often care very deeply about what our family members think. It also explains deeply-rooted family systems of populations who don’t care much about death, but more about family honor, like those in Japan or in Italy. A Japanese friend of mine has a family in Miazaki Japan of the name Takeda, a name and family which has lived in a valley in Miazaki for 500 years. The Manfrin family in Padova and Vicenza, Italy has been here also for 500 years, and very few of us are outside of this small region. In times of war, it seems obvious that Japanese think little of their own lives. Also during the nuclear accident, there were hundreds of Japanese men working in deadly conditions, as if this life doesn’t matter much…but the character formed through honor and bravery, and the positive qualities added to the family name are very important. They seem to think, “Oh well, I’ll die now. In my next life as a member of my family, I’ll be more fortunate as the honor and quality of my family grows.” You never hear of Japanese or Italians complaining of “war crimes” or “massacres” of their people in the past. There is a sense of honor and a positive work ethic (Japan and Italy are the world’s third and fourth largest economies, respectively). The slow reincarnation theory says that not only do we stick to our families and care about them simply for temporary profit and assurance, but because in a greater sense we ARE our families, and our own existences will most likely simply change form into our own progeny.

I’ve meditated for probably three years since hearing of both of these theories, and to me it is still difficult to decide which one is correct. I can at least say that for women, it is very likely they will have little change in their next lives, and that they are often reincarnated as other women. I can say this with assurance because I see that most women lead average lives, a mix of good and bad, with an almost guaranteed result of mediocrity. And so for many of them the direction is neither up or down. Also their biology contributes to this, as they can only have a limited number of babies in a lifetime from a birthing process which taxes them heavily. If they were to have a similar problem as we do, they could give birth, for example, to small bowling balls (or anything dead and inert) every day.

Men on the other hand have a great gamble on their hands. The birthing process for men is mostly a spiritual problem, as the procreative act for us is physically much smaller. The contribution of men to birthing is equal to that of women, yet we can do it several times a day, and are not limited to once a year. This incredible force can be kept within and utilized to become the greatest geniuses and mystics in history, or it can be wasted constantly to become far lower than women and descended into the world of criminality and prisons. This is why in society women occupy the middle, while men work on either extremes as leaders, inventors and geniuses or criminals and murderers. Wives tend to criticize their husbands for either being too criminal or too exceptionally good. Their force is to pull into the center, to the ground level.

This is why the celibacy teaching is so critical for men. It is 1. literally your ticket to long-lasting liberation, enlightenment, and escape from the cycle of birth and death* and 2. your ticket to great success right now in this life.

The biological difference between the sexes makes it difficult for women to understand our battle. As women cannot give birth to small bowling balls everyday for entertainment, drama and lust, they will not understand that neither can men be ripping out from their bodies a million of which could be called pre-humans on a constant basis.

We can agree that no matter what our specific circumstances will be after death, all of us in the brotherhood will achieve either emancipation or a birth of much better quality. For us, this is the FAITH in our path. Trust is for other brothers, but faith is a trust in God and that God will provide for us as we serve Him and put our energies into the education and elevation of all consciousness on earth.

Amen and OM

*celibacy frees you from the cycle of life and death because if you have NO interest in the sex act, there is no way for your soul to enter the zygote of a sexing couple. The soul literally has to find it interesting that two people or animals are sexing in order to be in the range of the first cell, and only then can a deeper attraction result in the soul coupling with it.
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2 Responses to Two Schools of Reincarnation

  1. fundator says:

    This is and interesting topic. To me these two schools of thought harken to the Hermetic philosophy of “As above, so below.” The nature of reincarnation in this sense thus reflects the typical maturation process of an individual, except on an exceptionally larger time scale. Yes, I believe that at the point of death if an individual is in the middle of some sort of crisis, lack of faith, or sexual escapade, the impression of those recent experiences will highly impact the reincarnation process (I feel murder or something more extreme requires a deep seeded capacity for this and thus is not some ephemeral event). However, I do not imagine such an event (which Hindus themselves would profess is largely due to inborn karma) would relegate an otherwise “good” person to a next lifetime of frustration at a lower level. This is not realistic in our every lives, and given the nature of God who is just (not even to consider merciful), I cannot see the apparently random timing of a slip of character at death being a huge set back for the individual in the next life.

    Along the same lines in a “positive” direction- I have talked to a number of (ignorant) Christians in my time. A lot them believe that if someone is truly repentant on their deathbed, they will gain salvation and heaven despite their consistent acts of moral weakness and disregard during this current life. In my opinion, this is bogus for the same reasons stated in the first paragraph. There are no get out of jail free cards in this life, and I detest systems of thought that condones this belief in mundane affairs of this life- even more so for the life beyond.

    I’m a teacher, and those who believe in reincarnation believe (each) life is a lesson. If a student fails a final (and a “pop” final no less- since we don’t know when we’ll go) after trying hard and doing well the entire semester, I MIGHT have him retake the class, but I certainly won’t send him back two grades. Likewise, if a student pulls it together for the final after slacking off all semester I’ll be happy with that effort, but I’m not going to laud him and place him in the same category of all the other kids who, though struggling, at least gave it their best shot over the whole course. If God doesn’t agree or at least sympathize with this logic, then He is less merciful and just than I, and that’s a God I want nothing to do with.

    Conclusion: I’m going with #2

    • janoklark says:

      Very thoughtful response. I’m sort if in the middle still. I see your examples and I’m more convinced there must be several layers to the reincarnation question, as mult-layered as our consciousness. What we are given as a next body must be a very precise result of an attraction from every level…the conscious, the astral, the subconscious, the spiritual, the deepest deepest character, from many lifetimes….

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