You Can Still Join the Shakers and the Branch Davidians

Helpin' out the Shakers

Helpin' out the Shakers

There’s been much confusion in recent years about the Shakers – if they’ve died out and disappeared or not.

Thankfully there is a group called the Friends of the Shakers, which allows you to help the last living Shaker settlement at Sabbath Day Lake. After helping them and learning their ways, you may decide to become a Shaker yourself. Shakers are strict on celibacy, mixed on vegetarianism, against circumcision and war [1], and mildly “Judeo-Christian” [1].

It is a lie that the Shakers have been reduced to very small numbers by celibacy. If you look at the history of all monastic movements, all of them were celibate, and in most nations these monasteries are thriving and doing well. If a religious movement needs to promote reproduction and householding to survive, why, for example, is there a temple down my street from 300AD and overflowing with followers and celibate nuns? I’m in China and there are literally thousands of these monasteries all over the country. The same is true for Europe, the Middle East, India, and South America. Therefore, the argument that the Shakers were brought down by celibacy is fallacious.

If you study the Shakers you’ll find that what brought them down was the United States Government, Jews, and the automobile anti-culture. In each war the Shakers (as any other monastic movement) refused to participate. Abraham Lincoln ordered many of their buildings and settlements to be burned to the ground for not participating in the civil war, for example. Then later you had the world wars which were created by Jewish bankers to destroy Palestine and create Israel. During these wars the Shakers were oppressed for non-participation. Also from Abraham Lincoln through the two world wars, the US Government made the process of adoption progressively more complex and nonsensical. Shakers had a wonderful record in taking in and raising very upstanding members of the community through adoption, however, not enough people cared that the Shakers could no longer legally adopt orphans. Today, even a misopede can “get married” and adopt children, but the Shakers under their no-cash farming conditions cannot legally do it. Also, the spread of cars, roads, and destruction of countryside made Shaker life more difficult. And finally, there are no monastic traditions in the US, and the people who populated the US were largely European criminals and debtors who came as indentured slaves to work off their sentences (as was later done in Australia). These people and this bogus mish-mash nation failed to retain some of the most important parts of their culture, including monastic traditions.

The Branch Davidian Flag

The Branch Davidian Flag

Could it be that because the Shakers did not have a firm stance against Judaism that they became the target of Jews? It’s interesting to note that in Carol Valentine’s letter to the Simon Wiesenthal Center, that before being massacred, the Branch Davidians had intimate connections with Jews, Judaism and Israel. Most of them being Black [1], and Blacks being particularly hated by Jews throughout history, they cannot be saved from Jewish vengeance by adherence to the Naugahyde Laws.

Talmudic sage R. Simon ben Yohai is quoted in the Babylonian Talmud (Megillah 12a, Yoma 76a), but his most famous quote does not appear there.  The famous quote is:  “Tob shebe goyyim harog.” Translation:  “Even the best among the Gentiles deserves to be killed.” [1]

Incidentally you can still join the Branch Davidians or at least a similar offshoot cult of the Seventh-Day Adventists. They were/are extremely pro-Israel, pro-Jewish and maintain a strict vegetarian diet. [1] You can read their core beliefs here and contact them here to join.

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