Getting Gil Student Back to Reality

Gil Student: deadly misopede

Gil Student: deadly misopede?

Gil Student says, “Gentiles are Human.” Thanks, Gil. You’re a bipedal-vertical ambulator with opposable thumbs, too, buddy.

Nice faggy pic he has, ain’t it? Wiki says he’s got four kids, at least one of which is male and got his genitals mutilated by Student. Gotta get prepped for some forceful intrusion. Wouldn’t want a sensitive prepuce gettin’ in the way of some good ol’ Talmudic fun now would we.


Only Two Points of Defense

Now on any internet forum which discusses the Talmud, anyone who defends it will quote Gil Student. Student and other Talmud apologists claim anything about the Talmud that looks evil or absurd is (1) taken out of context, and that no one has enough (2) scholarly credentials to confirm what any part of the Talmud means on his own.

One, Student’s own website provides no context for passages quoted. The passage is mentioned by itself, then he finds some other part of the Talmud which supposedly disproves what a layman would understand of that first passage. Why would a man complaining of no context provide little or no context himself? Why does his website not contain a glossary of terms, nor a complete, uncensored version of the Talmud, if context is so important?

Two, the passage is translated by Student himself and not an expert or scholar. Judaism is very keen on what the sages say and who is interpreting what. In the Talmud, there is extensive commentary on each passage to clarify that passage, and that commentary is done by universally accepted authorities. Why does Student refuse to show the commentaries of the sages and experts provided in the Talmud itself, if being an expert or an authority is so important? It seems that while he criticizes us on the one hand for having no authority to discuss talmudic matters, he himself offers no authority.

Concerning the question if gentiles are human or not, there is plenty of context and authority if you visit the 719 pages of the Talmud called the “Baba Kamma” (under “SEDER NEZIKIN,” or, Concerning Damages), which exhaustively repeat that hurting Gentile property is permissible; injuring Jewish property is like assaulting the Divine, for only “Jews” are “men” and non-Jews rank as animals. [read it yourself]


Showing the Talmud to Us is Illegal

Student is in the awkward position of having to explain the Talmud, when the Talmud itself states that it is literally a capital offense to explain or reveal the contents of the Talmud to a non-Jew. By his own literature and religious authorities, he is not allowed to clarify this book to us. Therefore, it is likely that Student is deliberately lying about the contents of the Talmud to literally save his neck.

Although Student quotes one part or the other of the Talmud, Student nor any other Jew would make the Talmud available for you to read. While there are copies of various versions of the Bible in every library in the USA, there is not one Talmud in one public library. Interesting, isn’t it, that not a single Jew (including Student) has put a version of the Talmud online for us to read. We are humans, right? You’d think with how much Jews say the Talmud is a great book, they’d make it available for us to read. It turns out, that the Talmud sentences non-Jews who study the Talmud to death:

GEMARA. … R. Johanan said: A heathen who studies the Torah deserves death, for it is written, Moses commanded us a law for an inheritance; it is our inheritance, not theirs. )

— Babylonian Talmud, Sanhedrin 59a
Soncino 1961 Edition, page 400

No Talmuds here

No Talmuds here...nor in any public library for that matter.

Only Non-Jews Can Show Us the Talmud

On the other side of the debate is (“Come and hear” is a common Talmudic phrase.) Set up by Carol Valentine, this website provides full context for each Talmudic quote, including a glossary of terms and the full commentaries by the sages and experts. Furthermore, the edition at is the uncensored Soncino edition of the 1960’s. After this edition Jewish authorities decided to censor the English editions of the Talmud (which remain untouched in Hebrew). If we want to know what is in the Hebrew edition of the Talmud which Jews read, it’s important to read the Soncino edition.


Was Carol Valentine Murdered for Showing the Talmud?

Since fully exposing the Talmud through an online Soncino edition in full context, Valentine has been either murdered or kidnapped. It’s highly doubtful that Gil Student will help us find her or save her if she is still alive. This is despicable coming from a group which claims to maintain openness and freedom of debate. The very essence of Student’s rationalist air is undermined by the fact he doesn’t care about Carol Valentine (his chief competitor in the debate about the Talmud). This could indicate that he or someone in his group has killed her.

From Eric Hufschmid:

…Carol Valentine, who has the websites, and seems to have disappeared sometime around 2003, but when I was working with Daryl Smith, Jim Condit, Jr. reassured us that she was fine. He said he talks to her once in a while on the telephone, but he wouldn’t give us her phone number or let anybody talk to her. Condit has several websites, such as and I’m not surprised that he associates with and promotes all sorts of people I consider to be Zionist agents. [1]

Jim Condit Jr.: "I know Carol Valentine, but I won't tell you where she is!"

Jim Condit Jr.: "I know Carol Valentine, but I won't tell you where she is!"

Jim Condit, Jr. is the one who made the site “The Final Solution to Adolf Hitler.”

Please, if you visit, make sure to download the whole site and prepare to mirror the site or pass around to friends and family. The reason it wasn’t taken down earlier is that this would bring attention to Valentine’s disappearance/murder and also that many people such have myself have prepared to mirror the site if necessary. In order to better understand the Talmud and what US Supreme Court justices are calling the new basis of US law, we need to maintain an uncensored version to better understand what the Chabbad Lubavitch and other highly-influential lobby groups are reading in their Hebrew versions.

Carol Valentine appeared to be making some bold statements and dangerous publications, yet if you consider that she was largely anonymous, she didn’t have enough courage and she became an easy target for kidnapping or murder. All we know about her is that she was born in New York, moved to Virginia and was raising a young daughter. She has the middle initial “A.” At the very end there were reports that she was in Oregon or Washington. Someone that anonymous can easily be taken down. This is why people like Jennifer Flowers and Kay Griggs went as public as possible. Be righteous and be out there. It’ll actually protect you in the end.

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