Pressure Point Meditation

I learned a kind of Qigong pressure point meditation here in China, and I’d like to share it with everyone.

There are three points that we meditate on, between the eyebrows (the Xinmen or Heart Door), another point at one cm above the solar plexus, and the last point at the navel.

First meditate on your breathing through the Xinmen for around three minutes. Then meditate on breathing through the point above the solar plexus for 30 to 40 minutes. Then meditate on breathing through your navel for another three minutes.

The page on which the mantra is mentioned

For those who have random thoughts about this world during the meditation, there is a mantra prescribed:

心止心定   xīnzhǐ xīndìng
自然鬆靜   zìrán sōngjìng
穴竅呼吸   xuéqiào hūxī
眞氣自生   zhēnqì zìshēng

which means:

With mind stopped and focused
you naturally relax and quiet down.
Breathing through your pressure points
real Qi arrives.

Our teacher (guru) is very advanced and he can actually stop breathing through his face and actually breathe through his skin and points on his skin. Students have proved this through using wax paper over his mouth and nose, and wax paper over his pressure points. They showed that the wax paper over the pressure points moves out and back, but not the paper over his mouth and nose.

The yogic kriyas of the master

The yogic kriyas of the master

The master prefers to meditate standing up, as the flow of Qi is best that way. But for very long sessions, sitting down with a very straight back is best. He published a book which is now being spread around by photocopy and I have a photocopy of his book here at my flat. In the book is included pictures of him experiencing various yogic kriyas or poses caused by spiritual possession, which are categorized by names of animals like the tiger.

The book details the meditation program above and goes further on a specific program on how to attain samadhi. I vaguely remember that the above program must be done three times daily for ten days, then the time of each session must be lengthened and the program maintained daily for another month, and the master claims that anyone can attain samadhi this way.

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5 Responses to Pressure Point Meditation

  1. Very similar to Yogananda’s advice to breathe “in the spine”. The goal is to convert the physical breath into an astral breath that breathes in God’s cosmic energy leading to the suspension of the faculties and samadhi.
    This can come naturally thru devotion and kundalini awakening.

    Sometimes just the thought of Gurudeva Yogananda can bring me to this astral breath. Conventional breathing stops and you ride the wave of this inner, cosmic breath. It’s a trip!!

  2. hauptzer says:

    Thats sound a bit farfetched, wouldnt that require some kind of psychokinesis to materialize the aircurrents to other parts of his body?

  3. hauptzer says:

    So he was your Master? I’m Not saying that im discounting your personal observations.

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