Eight Simple Things You Won’t Believe Science Can’t Answer

I’ve always felt that science is still not dealing with many practical aspects of life, that the scientific method is the whore of money (funding), and that scientists in general spend most of their time fawning on each other, publishing useless journals, and gathering up credentials with no real-world applications. I guess I feel this way because I still see many simple, recurring problems that society has refused to fix.

Modern science serves the interests of a global society that chooses its leaders based on how many people they killed or can kill, and how much they fear that they’ll be tortured or killed. When I read through a history book, all I find is stories of how bigger and bigger mass murderers decided to arrange society. Natural resources and simple functions which should be free for everyone are hoarded and given a price through threats of violence. Debt is calculated based on how much you can pay and how much you fear the creditor.

To make fun of this silly system, a humor author has exposed a few simple things which scientists (“professional knowers”) still cannot explain. [read more]

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2 Responses to Eight Simple Things You Won’t Believe Science Can’t Answer

  1. Excellent article, I loved the picture of the Koala in the article by the way

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