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Happy Independence Day Venezuela

July 5th is Venezuela’s independence day celebrations, Viva Bolivar! Simon Bolivar is the guy responsible for helping Venezuela be independent from Spain. Hugo Chavez has been battling cancer recently so please all readers of this blog say prayers for the … Continue reading

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A New Rendering Of The Song God Bless America

For the fourth of July I have decided to offer a new rendering of a patriotic song. This is a new rendering of the song God Bless America, it is called God Curse America. Enjoy. The Original is as follows … Continue reading

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The Psychological Cold War, A PDF Essay

The Psychological Cold War Above is a link to an essay on the psychological “cold war” that is being waged within society, an essay by Ian Dunbar MBChB. It is in PDF format.

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Child Abuse In America

A problem that is happening throughout the world and in America is the sexual exploitation of children for the sake of adults of a depraved character. Instances of child abduction have been shown to be for these purposes, for the … Continue reading

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