The Meaning of Facial Moles on Region 31

Face diagram

Mole at 比鄰 Bǐlín, Region 31, "The Neighbors"

Mole at 比鄰 Bǐlín, Region 31, "The Neighbors"

Mole at 比鄰 Bǐlín, Region 31, "The Neighbors"

Mole also at 比鄰 Bǐlín, Region 31, "The Neighbors"

Recently we discussed the pervert Brian Morris and his mole on 法令 Fǎlìng Region, Region 28, and now we’ll discuss another face mole issue, the 比鄰 Bǐlín Region, Region 31, or “The Neighbors.”

First we need to guess if the mole is “live” or “dead.” Live moles are about 3mm around, have a pleasing color (dark brown), and are fairly raised. Dead moles are unattractive, can be a bit greenish gray and can sometimes appear on weak parts of the body as a detoxification boil. In short, you might think of a live mole as a beauty mark and a dead mole as just a mole. I would also tend to think that a temporary zit would also be a “dead mole,” however I have no proof of a precedent for this reading.

Clearly the woman in the first picture has a live mole in region 31, which means she will see less than average disasters in her life. It’s mildly lucky.

The woman in the second picture has a dead mole in the same region and this means she has destructive relationships. I imagine she is a teen who regularly has arguments with her parents and other female students in her school.

Notice from the diagram that region 31 (as all regions) are symmetrical and can thus appear on either side of the face.

Hope that next time you see one of these you’ll know what it means!

God bless!

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