Who are the ‘nese?

chinese subway

chinese subway

The Chinese are different. Well, not actually different, just lacking in a lot of things Europeans have. When you try to understand China, you don’t “over analyze”. Chinese don’t have morality. Morality is a Western concept.

Chinese HAD ethics, but now they sort of just try not to get in trouble. Chinese don’t respect laws, but they will obey them if they have to.

Chinese aren’t individuals, at least not in the way we are.
Chinese are more like bees, a bee hive is considered a “super organism”, one organism with a number of bodies. Chinese are the same, the “individual” – with opinions, views, values, a history, etc, is the “unit”, the family and collaborators.
The concept of patriotism doesn’t really exist in the Chinese consciousness, there is no real “China”.

There is a central “authority”, based purely on coercion and intimidation. The reason there is nothing but rule by coercion and intimidation, is because it’s the ONLY way to regulate behavior. You use coercion and intimidation to manage cows, dogs, and other lower animals.

Same with Chinese.

Chinese are a “herd animal” in an almost pure sense. When you ask a Chinese BODY (which is PART of an individual GROUP) what he or she (well, it? they’re hypo-sexual) things, the body will blow air out of one end of the digestive system and possibly explain what that fart-and-talk-bag has been told to say by the individual at large (the group). Hot air comes out of the two ends of the digestive system. If hot air comes out of the rectum, it’s called “farting”. If hot air comes out of the mouth, it’s called “talking”. There really isn’t a lot of difference. You could hypothetically fart in Morse code, and convey the same information as “mouth farting” (aka “talking”, tawking).

It almost bothers me to admit it, but the Chinese are right. “Meaning” is a concept that exists in Western “culture” (group delusional thinking). Meaning is the concept that “words” actually MEAN something, above and beyond their symbolism, above and beyond representing things.

chinese crab

a veli deeleeshurza clab flum da china

“Abstraction”. Abstract concepts don’t exist in Chinese thinking. Or writing. Or language.
Chinese thought and talk is about money and cigarettes, and things that can be appraised in terms of money or cigarettes.

Stuff. You’ve heard the term “materialism”? Chinese is PURE MATERIALISM. Chinese ARE matter, and ONLY matter, the “soul” isn’t a concept the Chinese understand. A soul would involve an individual body, being an individual. A body is not where ethics or values reside. A body is not really conscious, but then, the group isn’t either, Chinese aren’t quite “conscious”.

Before C*mm*nism, there was some rudimentary concept of ethics, at least presumably?
But no more. The body is amoral, the group (group = “individual”) is predatory.
This is just a very basic outline of the “mentality” of the the so-called “Chinese” (whatever that really means?). It’s important to understand the ‘nese, they now own you, you are their slave. They own the world.

And they are owned by Evelyn Rothschild. As is the Federal Reserve. Google it if you want?
The ‘nese are amoral, predatory, invasive, and unconscionable. Guilt is basically self-blame. Guilt is blaming yourself. Blame is the core of what the West understands to be “morality”. Chinese don’t blame.

Chinese do hate, but only as a group. Chinese bodies don’t have moods or egos or pride or shame or guilt or a conscience. The group has those things, except a conscience, which Chinese don’t have. There is “shame”, but only for being stupid. In other words, actually getting caught. Breaking rules AND getting caught. The concept of “sneaky” is not negative. Calling someone sneaky is a COMPLIMENT. “Underhanded” is a VIRTUE. While a ‘nese body might feel shame for being caught breaking rules, the same body will feel pride for NOT GETTING CAUGHT.

“That” is the world Jeebers and William have known for the last few years.

What “values” means, in Chinese terms, falls into 2 categories. Money and cigarettes. Chinese want money, and cigarettes. “Causes” don’t mean anything. Again, as William so eloquently explained to me, Chinese want money, and cigarettes. As another friend of ours, Ingar explained, “don’t overanalyze the Chinese”.

Does this make any sense to you?

– Dr. Rob

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