A Breakdown of Chinese Wimmin

This post will discuss the negative aspects of Chinese women. The purpose is not to hate them but to rather get their inflated image down to earth and back to reality. This is also the reason why the KBH, though loving of women, still provides resources on misogyny.

Moustached Pig Eaters

Moustached Pig Eaters

Does she look stupid, shallow and immature enough for YOU?

Does she look stupid, shallow and immature enough for YOU?

There are absolutely ZERO restrictions on sexual harassment of males. Hos are totally free to mess with strange men’s minds in whatever way they see fit. This is the post-plasticizer (emasculation chemical), post-sex revolution, whimps-r-us, beta-males galore China of today.

Chinese women have:

  • Visible mustaches and very hairy armpits due to mass consumption of hormone-laced meat (usually that of poop-eating pigs). Around 50% of all Chinese women have this, though the mustaches are not as visible as the picture above.
  • The look of a pig during and after pregnancy. Their noses turn up and faces round out as their belly expands.
  • Bug eyes that tend to stick out of their face with no topography or size, which to Western men appears shallow, bland and stupid (large eyes symbolizing wisdom)

    Loyal wife? In your dreams!

    Typical Chinkess garb: battered-wife black eyes, lead-laced white facial powder, flaming fart chest butt, skirt shorter than underwear, and clown stilts. Loyal wife? Uh, we don’t think so.

  • An even more subconscious way of living than Western women. They are extremely passive.
  • Hardwiring to be totally awesome before marriage and extreme harpies and money/power-sucking machines after marriage
  • No compatibility to White men for marriage or children. Divorce rate over 90%. Almost all mixed couples report being unhappy.
  • Had multiple abortions. Abortion here is like brushing your teeth.
  • Had plastic surgery. Having the legs broken and augmented [1], having breast implants rammed in their chest (if you don’t know what I mean, watch the aggressive mutilation – I mean, ahem – operation on Youtube), hymen restoration, eyes cut wider open etc. being the most common.
  • Extreme sexed-up, prostitute-like clothing to wear on a daily basis, even in the winter time or after marriage, which brings us to our next point….

    Pregnant Chinese getting the famous "piggyface" preggo look

    Pregnant Chinese getting the famous “piggyface” prego look

  • Constant cheating on their husbands. Dating men report having around half their girlfriends being married at the time of the affair
  • A serious lying problem, which is true for all of SE Asia. A Japanese friend of mine told me, “My dad doesn’t know jack squat.” Asian women like to lie about being virgins, cover up their promiscuity, deny having abortions, lie about their other three or four boyfriends, and lie to agree with you on everything you’re saying. If you’re getting married to any Asian woman, be prepared to be lied to about everything – this is the norm.

The rules for dealing happily with Chinese women are the same as with dealing with any women – stay platonic and don’t get married, and you’ll probably enjoy your time with them or find a muse here and there.

Hopefully this post has been of use to any man who still has illusions concerning Chinese women.

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