Chinese Artistic Renditions of Reincarnation

Chinese Artistic Renditions of Reincarnation

Chinese sculptor fleshes out Buddhist and popular concepts of four incarnations

The top left is a wanker who has a posture which is warped from self abuse (curved on himself during the process which culminates in an electric shock [deathspasm] that further patterns cell replacement and distorts growth). If it is not clear from the picture, he is shown reincarnating as a dog.

On the top right is a food addict who treats food as entertainment and probably doesn’t even taste it all that clearly as he shovels it into his mouth. He probably particularly likes “hard” foods which come close to eating poop, like pork (pigs eat their own poop), crawdads (who eat carcasses and feces), lobster (same), yeast piss (alcohol) etc. He becomes a pig.

On the lower left is a metrosexual, queer man who works in the “sex industry,” i.e., as a prostitute to middle-aged, divorced women – who in modern China is typically either hired from a local hair salon or shipped from hair salons in Shenzhen or Canton province in general. Relating to their decoration, posture, particular mating habits, fascination with swimsuits and tight underwear, and spiky haircuts, they become ducks. In popular Chinese culture also, male prostitutes are called ducks.

On the lower right hand side is a female prostitute who for similar reasons becomes a similar animal, the chicken. Also sexed-out women and hookers strut around, often have beaky noses (c.f. Ginger Lee in the recent Weiner scandal, Jewesses like Barbara Streisand, Liza Manelli, Meryl Streep, Courtney Love, or Farrah Faucet), ruffle their feathers (like to wear furs and feathers and advertise themselves as soft), and have upturned butts as a result of wearing high heels. Prostitutes are called chickens in popular Chinese culture, which has also been traditional for a very long time. The character for prostitute 妓 jì and chicken 雞 jī have the same sound “ji” with only a different tone. This tradition was likely borrowed or independently replicated in the West when it became popular to call young, dolled-up women “chicks.”


For conventional scientific proof of reincarnation, follow these links:…page&q&f=false… age&q&f=false

For a FAQ on reincarnation from, click here.

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