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I have a collection of nifty pictures in a folder called “car hell”, a term introduced to me and discussed in detail with Rastus Jones. The folder is filled with pictures of wrecked cars, traffic jams, and pure automotive idiocy. Recently there have been a slew of wrecked car pictures coming in from Japan due to their great earthquake and tsunami there, and I’ve added several to our collection which we hope to make into a video later on.

Japan Tsumani vs. Carhell

Japan Tsumani vs. Carhell

I find solace in seeing wrecked cars, and so do others. There is a shrine of several Cadillacs erected like tombstones in the desert, and many go to see it. When I was a kid there was a craze on TV for car demolition and compaction films. Action films typically feature exploding and crashing mass numbers of glorified trash on wheels like Ferrari, Lamborghini and Corvette.

A very amusing folly is to see Chinese marveling at cars as modern machinery. Since the 19th century, cars are still the same design: a motor with four wheels on it. Daft and skanky Chinese prostitutes demand that a man buy her a car upon marriage, and any many lookin for a piece of that asiatic poontang will need to get one. In the end it’s just a case of self-abusers emanating a wrecked and desolate world dream.

Selfish drivers

People pick their noses in their car, because they think they are totally alone

Cars represent selfish human desires. Car owners merely consider their own transportation needs completely outside that of the community. The typical car owner drives around on their own, taking up much of the road. They buy their car thinking of just themselves and their family, and expect society to cut down trees and pave over vast tracts of land just so they can scoot around and have a place to park. They ignore pollution, production and safety issues. If car owners were at all responsible, they would pipe exhaust straight into the cabin where they are sitting, instead of giving it to righteous and courteous walkers along the road. If cars were required to pipe exhaust into the cabin, all air pollution issues with cars would be resolved instantaneously. The mines required to make metals for cars tear down whole mountains at a time. Cars are constantly emitting air pollution and dripping oil which pollutes tons of ground water. Asphalt itself is toxic. Salting roads for de-icing dumps tons of salt into water supplies and poisons plants around the roads. Noise from tire friction, air friction and honking ruins great vistas. Then when cars and car components are disposed of, they create immense mounds of toxic and generally useless trash (like tires, wipers, broken components etc.). The selfish metal and glass bubble known as the car acts as a massive bulldozer to our great culture, religion and way of life. Several authors even contend that the Shakers were destroyed by the advent of the car, though no author I know of has really gone into detail what cars have done to destroy our cults and culture in general.

Carless heaven

Gimmelwald, a village in Swizterland with no cars

On the other end of things, there are whole cities that operate without cars, like much of Venice, Italy and some cities in Swizterland [1] [2] [3]. There is no visitor to these cities which doesn’t marvel at the quiet and the wide array of new sounds which are simply drown out by cars in most cities. In Venice you can hear water lapping along the canals, birds, and the gentle breeze. I think it should be standard procedure for any brotherhood household setting up outside a city to forbid the use of cars within their property. There are vast benefits to walking, which is also a great service to God. We think of God, we make new articles, we meet real people and see real animals when we are walking along.

One way for car owners to mitigate car negativity is arrange car pools, pick up hitch hikers and give rides. Another is to support public transportation efforts. Hopefully more and more people will give up their cars over time.

Carless Bliss: Muerren

Carless Bliss: Muerren, Switzerland

Zermatt, Switzerland

Zermatt, Switzerland (car-free)

Venezia, Italia

Venezia, Italia, a city for pedestrians and small boats


More of Venezia

Let us pray for the regeneration of our culture, religion and the walkin way of life. Amen and ॐ.

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4 Responses to Wrecked-Car Solace

  1. hauptzer says:

    Incidentaly to this post the lights on my car broke down yesterday, the lights dont work on it. So today I took the bus to work and walked home afterwards. Very refreshing. I Imagined I was walking North.

    • janoklark says:

      It’s a great coincidence that we were thinking about the same things at the same time. I typically take buses and trains a lot, but over the last week I’ve been walkin around if I have the time. Perhaps if people do this more often, society will be less for anonymous individuals in glass and steel bubbles and more for real, walking people, chanting their mantras and sayin howdy to the neighbors.

  2. hauptzer says:

    Agree, maybe walking is a part of socializing that society has forgotten about.
    I noticed after yesterdays and todays walk is that my knees feel alot better, I have been having trouble with them the last few years, its also a few years since i took to long walks( > 30 minutes). Would be a pity if my knee problems the last few years have been caused by lack of use!

    • janoklark says:

      I think something spiritual is happening during the walking process that is healing to the whole body. You don’t get that process as much when running, because the pace is faster and doesn’t promote inner peace as well. I’d guess your knees are doing better from having more serenity, thinking time and qi flow that you get from the walking process.

      These legs were built for walkin’!

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