Detroit Regeneration

Nature Reclaiming

Nature reclaiming an old home in Detroit

Detroit is far greener than most major cities, as seen in the runaway vines swarming old mansions in Brush Park, trees sprouting from the rooftops of skyscrapers, tall fields of grass encircling a lone house still standing on a residential block, and abandoned homes swallowed by shrubs thriving unchecked. [more…]

I’ve also heard of a proposal to raze the whole city of Detroit and replace it with a park. Currently, as residents flee Detroit and almost 30% of housing remains vacant, the government is demolishing empty buildings, as the New York Times reported in Razing the City to Save the City.

Detroit was known as the car capital of the whole world, and created practically out of nothing by automakers. The automakers were so corrupt that they bribed Detroit officials not to fix potholes and road problems so that they could test automobiles and engineer them on public streets. Car heaven is people hell, otherwise known as “carhell” (for people), and this has been causing people to leave. The population of Detroit was two million in 1950, but is now down to six or 700,000. This is only 1/12th the population of my city, Nanjing.

This is in keeping with the Lord’s plan to destroy private cars and return the common man to walking or using public transportation.

The natural process of reclamation has begun. Amen and OM.

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