Joseph Smith And The Occult

Joseph Smith was known to come from an occult background. The term occult is not used here to refer to ouija boards and channeling and summoning spirits. Those sorts of activities are discouraged as they can lead to demonic possession. Occult is used here to refer to kabbalistic thought, kabbalistic thought was developed both by jewish and christian communities. Kabbalah is not an exclusively jewish thing.

The following video gets into Smith’s use of seer stones, his involvement with freemasonry, and his possession of a Jupiter talisman.

Mormonism is not the same as freemasonry, some mormon rituals were inspired by freemasonry however mormons do not take oaths to not testify against each other in a court of law as to the freemasons. Hence I am not opposed to mormonism.

Joseph Smith’s Jupiter Talisman was modeled after the talisman devised by English occultist Francis Barret.

“And as there is in man the power and apprehension of all divination, and wonderful things, seeing that we have a complete system in ourselves, therefore are we called the microcosm, or little world; for we carry a heaven in ourselves from our beginning, for God hath sealed in us the image of himself….” -Francis Barret

Below is the image of a parchment with magical symbols on it possessed of by The Smith Family.

“The God of Joseph Smith is a daring revival of the God of some of the Kabbalists and Gnostics, prophetic sages who, like Smith himself, asserted that they had returned to the true religion….Mormonism is a purely American Gnosis, for which Joseph Smith was and is a far more crucial figure than Jesus could be. Smith is not just ‘a’ prophet, another prophet, but he is the essential prophet…” -Harold Bloom

People have written about how Joseph Smith was influenced by european traditions of ceremonial magic which were in turn influenced by jewish kabbalah and though that associate Joseph Smith with kabbalah.

Harold Bloom alleged gnostic and kabbalistic elements in mormonism however I do not see any gnostic elements in the religion, if there is I would appreciate someone pointing them out to me.

As one can see from the above link historical mormon sexual morality(I’m not sure if mormons have held on to this sexual morality) is similar to kabbalistic sexual morality.

In kabbalah a human being is composed of two basic foundational instincts: the ruach and the nefesh. Nefesh refers to the bodily desires such as desire for food and warmth etc… and the ruach refers to ones conscience. The ability to distinguish from right and wrong. These two foundational instincts are similar to Freud’s concept of the id(bodily cravings) and superego(conscience).

The purpose of the mind(ego) is to incorporate both the ruach and nefesh into ones being in a state of harmony and balance(note: balancing the ruach and nefesh does not mean one ever ignores ones conscience, balance means one is always in touch with the conscience).

The star of david represents balancing the ruach and nefesh, it is like a yin yang.

The word for mind/intellect(ego) in kabbalah is neshamah. Hence ruach neshamah and nefesh are the three aspects of the soul in kabbalistic thought.

To Freud the three parts of a persons psyche were id ego and superego just as according to kabbalah the three parts of a persons soul are nefesh neshamah and ruach.

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