Ancestor Worship for Integrity

One Sunday in Mormon church there was a speaker who spoke of the holy calling to research one’s genealogy and learn the stories and history of one’s ancestors. She mentioned that this is a specific duty of all Mormons, and that every Mormon temple has a specific room and a specific ritual for learning about ancestors.

A courtyard in 甘熙故居 Ganxi Guju, a family complex with 99.5 rooms, replete with an ancestor worship hall

A courtyard in 甘熙故居 Ganxi Guju, a family complex with 99.5 rooms, replete with an ancestor worship hall

In the east, we simply call it “ancestor worship.” In some places (now only museums) there are vast family housing complexes with a temple reserved for the founder of the family. The family generation after generation was to pray and give sacrifices there. In Nanjing there is the Ganxi complex 甘熙故居, and this author has also visited the Chang banking family complex in Shanxi. Here you can see more detailed descriptions of ancestor worship and its place in society before it veritably died 60 years ago. From Cincinnati Ohio we have a young man interested in his heritage who set up a website about ancestor worship as well, and you can learn a lot about Celtic and Germanic traditions there.

The Mormon lady described the importance of ancestor worship. She said our ancestors in heaven are very lonely and feel left out if they are not remembered, and if their stories are not told. Another basic function of ancestor worship is social responsibility and accountability, without which society would cease to function. We at least need to keep our surnames so that people know of which family we come and what race or nationality we belong to. If we have criminal or damaging behavior, the victims can go find our families easily. Also, to have the full family complex going, you cannot change your location. This constant location is also a strong aspect of responsibility and makes people and their whole families easy to find in case of trouble.

Musician and progeny of the Colón line

Musician and progeny of the Colón line, Willie Colón

It’s important to notice that the criminals who work in our media and spread lies have all changed their names. It is also interesting that at one point Russia forced Jews to have their own surnames and not change them. John Liebowitz is “Jon Stewart” on the Daily Show. “Lenny Bruce,” “Woody Allen,” etc. are all fake names, and describe a foul-mouthed comedian and a misopede movie producer respectively. They hide their ancestry because they wish that their ancestry remain secret, that their racial background be not obvious, and that their family remain protected from retribution for their horrible deeds.

Columbus, a Jewish Pirate

Columbus, a Jewish pirate evicted from Spain during the Spanish Inquisition in 1492, hit the high seas in search of slaves and gold, murdering countless naiive and friendly natives in the Americas

Christopher Columbus is an important example in history. He changed his Jewish name Colón to Columbus, and when people asked him where he came from, he always responded, “Vine de nada” (“I come from nowhere.”) He was no scientist – he stupidly thought the Americas were India – and his main purpose was to find gold and trade slaves, as is readily understood from from his diaries. Recently yet more researchers have concluded he was Jewish, this time judging from his diaries and their use of language, that he was from a certain Jewish family in Catalan – a region in Spain. [1] If Columbus were really a great man, why wouldn’t he be proud of his heritage? Why wouldn’t he wish that his achievements be credited to his family? Perhaps the Colón family already had a bad reputation, and he didn’t want his future victims to be tipped off.

Freemason and Jew, Karl "Marx" ha-Levi

Freemason and Jew, Karl “Marx” ha-Levi. He was not proud to be of the ha-Levi lineage, nor are his children proud to be of the “Marx” lineage.

Another important example in history is “Karl Marx.” “Marx” is a fake name. The Marx family was a long line of rabbis and talmudists, and they were not proud of this. Their reputation was bad, and people in society were afraid of the ha-Levi name, so Hirschel ha-Levi changed his surname to Marx “for business reasons,” i.e., businessmen wouldn’t trust him if he still carried the ha-Levi name. As October 30th, 1975 Chicago Jewish Sentinel reported, Marx retained his influential, international Jewish connections, which means there is no tradition of ancestor worship in Judaism. Changing your family name is forgetting your ancestors and insulting them. But this didn’t offend the Jewish connections of the ha-Levi family, including Moses Hoess, the inventor of Naziism as national socialism and Marx’s financier. Marx’s bastard son Frederick Lewis Demuth [1] never wanted to use the Marx name, or never knew about it. Karl’s daughter Jenny married into the Longuet family [1], the second Jenny to the Lafargue family [1], the third Jenny to the Aveling family [1]. His two sons, the only ones who would have carried the Marx family name, died young [1] [2].

Marx became the author of the atheist disease that impoverished and murdered millions in the Eastern hemisphere. “Communism” was the name of the Jewish aristocracy in the Soviet Union and China which enslaved, sickened and killed countless numbers of human beings. It bulldozed thousands of years of culture, and instituted mass murder in the form of abortion to the tune of 10 to 20 million victims per year in China. None of his seven children have carried this family name, and none are interested in Ancestor Worship.


It should be obvious that criminal Jews and criminal families are always changing their names and trying to obfuscate history. They will never engage in ancestor worship, and will always develop arrogant theories of evolution and continuous progress. They publish reams of horsefeathers about how our ancestors were stupid and we’re super smart today – how life then was horrible and modern man is civilized and noble. They own record companies that produce bands like the Rolling Stones, which try to get you to hate your parents and rebel through self-mutilation, drug abuse, and MIPS. They spread their evil outward and down to their next generation of nameless thugs.

Sokaku Takeda, martial arts master and proud member of the Takeda lineage

Sokaku Takeda, martial arts master and proud member of the Takeda lineage

On the other side of things, I know a Japanese family by the name of Takeda 武田. Their family comes from a mountain valley close to Miazaki. The immediate family runs a family business – a supermarket. The brother is the baker, the father prepares fresh food. They’ve lived in that valley for 500 years. There is no question when you meet a Takeda, where they come from and where you can find them. This is very strong social responsibility. The spirit of their family must be strong, and their ancestors must be very happy.

Most Chinese are proud of their bloodlines, or they admit them and try to be responsible for them. 6% of Chinese come from Ghengis Khan and they admit this with a nervous laugh. Those with the surname Lu 陸 are among them. Others come from the long line of Confucius (孔 Kong3) or the Muslim “eunuch” explorer Zheng He (鄭 Zheng4) – just to name two. Chinese want to know more about their family lines, and they enjoy hearing the story of their surname – what it comes from, what it is a picture of. The most common surname is Wang2 (pronounced Wah-ng), 王, which everyone knows means King. But it is interesting that the King was seen as the being who united the three 三 realms, heaven, humanity and earth. So 王 is a combination of 三 and 1. If you know these stories they listen with delight.

The Chinese explorer, Zheng He

A modern actor playing the Chinese explorer, Zheng He. His progeny proudly maintain their surname Zheng and aspire to maintain the glory of their ancestry

However, the Modern Chinese government sees ancestor worship as contrary to their agenda. They would like everyone to think of themselves as Chinese and work as a huge national whole, whereas Chinese still think of themselves as being from their surname’s family, and rarely think of themselves as belonging to anywhere else but their ancestral grounds. There’s a great translator here from Hunan, China, who has lived in Nanjing for 70 years, but they still call him a Hunan person, not a Nanjinger. Everyone follows their names, buys the book 《百家姓》”Every Family’s Surname” (and their origins). They tend to work for the benefit of their family and not consider the country as a whole. Also modern communist teachings on science and history do not comport with traditional ones, so the government also tries to quash ancestor worship for that reason, too.

Every brother should know something about his surname, and even the surnames of his four grandparents. This author’s grandparents come from the Clark, Bowers, Manfrin and Fabrizi families. Just at a glance you can see there is English, German and Italian ancestry. The Manfrin family is one of those stable families like the Takedas in Japan. They live in and around Padova, Italy, and most of all the Manfrins in the world live in that one area. They moved as a family from Germany 1000 years ago to France, then moved to this region 500 years ago. This is why the surname “Manfrin” doesn’t seem Italian. It’s an ancient German word for peace and friendship. The Fabrizis live further south in Italy. I don’t know much about them.

Alberto Manfrin

Another Manfrin. He’s biotech scientist

In an effort to start ancestor worship in full, I am learning Italian and visiting Italy within the year. I’ll stay two months and spend most of the time at br. Mario’s house with his parents, and help them with yard work and other duties. At this point I think it’ll be much easier to find out more about the whole Manfrin and Fabrizi families, what their stories are, and most importantly – why some of them moved to America.

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2 Responses to Ancestor Worship for Integrity

  1. while it’s long been suspected Hitler had jewish ancestry. i can’t personally verify it and have found nothing to date in which to do so. it was law under the third reich, that in order to join the Waffen SS, one had to verify their ancestry several generations back. so this at the least borders on there having had been ancestor worship in that era. also, there was a strong belief amongst certain high ranking Nazis that copulating in vikings cemetaries would make one’s offspring warrior like.

    as far as the topic of ancestor worship is concerned. i feel that is much of the pourpose and always has been the pourpose with both funerals and cemetaries. when i was a kid my mom and stepfather were both half owners of a ten acre cemetary not far from here. two of my grandparents and an aunt are buried in that cemetary. a few weeks back i laid Lilac blooms on their graves. this is in effect a form of veneration, so to speak.

    • janoklark says:

      i edited out the hitler part as my views on him have changed greatly. i think his ancestry isn’t vague because he tried to make it so, but rather because he is the victim of a vast vilification campaign. recently after discovering that the guomindang is in fact the nazi party of china established by nazis, my opinion changed greatly. the guomindang has been a great success in taiwan and have made taiwan a legitimate chinese state. it also moved me that hitler was a true advocate for self-determination of all races, and not just for germans. i think there was a deal with the rothschilds, as any war needs funding, but this matched the nazi philosophy because they felt jews should also self-determine. it would have worked if germany had won, and the original plan for jews to go to madagascar succeeded.

      more and more i’m coming to respect fascists.

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